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What is your overall opinion of Emmanuel College-Boston?

Is Emmanuel College-Boston a good school?

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Emmanuel is a gold mine. It's a small school that will be on the rise. If you are looking for a small school in a big city, look no further. It's located right near Fenway Park and is one of the 5 Fenway Colleges. They've made and are continuing to make major renovations to the campus. The Academic Science building is set to open Fall of 09. Merck is right on campus and offers many internships to students. The school's population is around 1600 and the classroom sizes vary from 5-20. The professors will all likely know your name and will know all your classmates by graduation. It has a home feel to it and the food is great. They have amazing options and real good quality food. I've visited several friends from different campuses and Emmanuel by far has the best food. As for extracirricular activies, Emmanuel makes a big effort to get the students involved. There is usually a club holding an event every week and the student activities office offers discount tickets through the year to different sporting events (red sox, bruins, celtics) shows, and/or other events in the surrounding area. YOU DO NOT NEED A CAR in this area. The train which is probably a good 5 minute walk takes you all over the city. The great thing about this school is it's location. If you ever just want to get away, the city is at your doorstep. Although this school might not be perfect for everyone, it is very unique and would make a perfect school for the right person.