Emmanuel College-Boston Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Although I do love the idea of a small school in a big city. I get the run around at this school. The administration is slow and I always seemed to be directed to talk to someone else. There's a lot of students with high aspirations but no motivation to attain those goals. Also, the stuent government here is attrocious, they have the worst system of giving money to clubs. Although my club that I belonged to was lucky to get money they would cut back on groups that would be the most eco and humanity driven groups.


Challenging yourself.


Since is a small school, after a couple of years you get to know basically everybody at school. It's like beeing in Highschool socially wise. People talk about other people and I hate this. The doorm's room are very small and you don't really have your privacy. Some people is more priviledge then others and sports are to intense for a division 3 school. They are very attached to money, and there are a lot of cocky people.


I love my school, and my major is a very demanding one. However, I become frustrated when Emmanuel prides itself on listening to its students and their opinions because it does not happen. For example, I recently addressed an issue with our meal plan. I felt like I was being passed around and being "yesed" to death. It was frustrating because I honestly do not believe that my opinion will be taken into consideration.


The advisors are not well informed and do not guide your future in the correct direction.


Visiting hours start after 5pm on weekdays, and visitors are expected to pay $10-$20/day.


It is sometimes way too small!


As stated above, my biggest frustrations deal with those involved with studying abroad: the lack of transferable financial aid, and the fact that some courses will be impossible for me to take. Also, because Emmanuel is small, many things on campus close earlier than I think they should (dining hall, library, mac lab, etc.)