Emory & Henry College Top Questions

Describe how Emory & Henry College looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is a great rural environment surrounded by very intellectual people.


My school offers such a large variety of clubs, associations, and events to get into, you do not feel lost and you quickly become comfortable there due to people being both very accepting and friendly.


Emory & Henry College is the college to go to if you want the overall experience from fabulous teachers to gaining friends for life.


A college that changes lives.


Emory is a great friendly institution where you can receive an amazing education.


Emory & Henry College is Virginia's best kept secret.


Small campus with good teachers.


Emory and Henry College is a strong academic school that promotes a student's growth through diversified educational experiences. Not only is it challenging academically, it also provides an arena for learning lifetime skills designed to create a socially aware and contributory participant in our world today. This well-rounded curriculum is backed by a meaningful and strong Christian belief which is apparent in the care and concern each administrator, professor, and student body displays toward all collegiates. Emory and Henry College is a place that will make a difference in a student and in his desire to succeed.


Emory & Henry has managed to create a community of first-class and compassionate students.


It is a homey environment.