Emory & Henry College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It has the state's top physical therapy program!


My school is best known for its community services and liberal arts. Emory and Henry has won multiple awards on its help around the community.


The school is best known for the friendly people and how they make you feel at home. The college is very open and friendly to anyone who comes to visit or wants to attend. From the day I stepped foot on campus I have never not been told hello with a smile as I pass someone. It makes students feel welcomed and included in what I like to call home.


Very friendly people, active rumor mill, community service, binge drinking, rural area


The school is best known for success, both the success of the students while they are in school and after they graduate, which is also the main focus of the college. The schools seems to care about how the students are doing academically and want them to do their best. That is one reason why it is a dry campus.


Academics. At E&H, each student seems to genuinely do their best. If students struggle, the professors are nearly always willing to help them succeed.