Emory & Henry College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students looking to attend Emory and Henry should be passionate about their school and want to become involved. It is a small campus, with a small population of students. It is not in a big city either. Thus, becoming involved on campus is crucial to getting the most out of your education.


If you want to be able to walk around campus and know the majority of the students Emory and Henry is for you. If you want to know your professor and have them come show their support at sporting events, or concerts. If you enjoying being a member in a close community with similar hopes and desires. If the idea of going to the presidents house for dinner with your freshman hall residences sounds perfect then E&H is for you.


I think people who thrive in close-knit communties should attend Emory and Henry College. This college is at the size where it is easy to get to know many of the people on campus. Emory and Henry is also an excellent college for people who love the outdoors. The Outdoor Program organizes a variety of trips throughout the year. People that enjoy doing community service and helping others will also fit in well at Emory and Henry College. Serving others is heavily emphasized at this lovely college because it helps promote selflessness and compassion.


An outgoing person that is okay not going to the mall every day and cares about the college community and getting involved


Any student who desires to experience collegiate life with freedom to learn in a diversified and tradition rich environment would be a perfect match for Emory and Henry College. For one who desires a small and intimate school experience with a challenging curriculum, award winning professors, and exemplary administrative personnel dedicated to pushing the collegiate to excellence, then this will be the school for you. This will be the ultimate canvas for anyone who desires a place that creates leadership in those who never knew their potential. Anyone who desires excellence and committment to lifetime learning will surely be here.


Emory and Henry College is a school that is best for people who want to attend a small school where you can get to know many of the people on campus. I would also recommend this school to those who enjoy sports and the outdoors. Emory has many great programs and clubs to join and is a really great experience overall.


Any kind of person with an open mind and willingness to work hard and learn. While most of the college 's population is made up of athletes, the others part is very diverse and open to change and discussion for a better world.


Someone who like small class sizes and individual attention because that is what you will get here! Emory & Henry is what you make it, so make it something awesome!