Emory & Henry College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before attending Emory & Henry College, I wish that I had known just how much of a family friendly atmosphere the school truly has. My sister attended there before I did and had told me several things about the college. But until I started school at E&H, I had no idea how much the faculty and staff would make the college feel like a home away from home. Once you graduate from E&H, you are not just a graduate student and alumnus, you are a family memeber for life.


I wish I would have known how difficult college was going to be and not take my freshman year for granted. That means taking classes for my major earlier and spreading out my easier classes over my four years. I would also like to have known that transfering college credits doesn't give you much of an advantage and there are still plenty of classes that need to be taken in college. Finally, I wish I would have known I was going to have a new softball coach each year I have played here and how stressful that would be.


i dont wish to have known anything different than i did when i came to visit for the first time. its just the right school


That the number of students here make it so high school


I really feel as if there is no good way to answer this question. I would like to answer saying that I wish I had known something but every time I visited Emory, the staff was always very helpful in answering any question that I might have about the school. For this reason, I feel like I knew just about everything that I wanted to know about the school before I came.


To bring a car my first year. Either make friends with cars, bring one yourself, or never get off campus. It really isn't that hard to find someone with a car though because we all have one.


To be honest, I wish I knew how different the lifestyle would be. Being away from my best friends from high-school, my co-workers, and my family was overwhelming at first, but as I became more comfortable in my environment, I became more content. Everyone tells you in middle-school that high-school is going to be full of freedom, but there is no freedom like college life. The biggest challenge that I wish I would have experienced before is the "initiative factor," or making decisions alone, on my own. To me, it is the best lesson to learn.