Emory & Henry College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the small size of the school the best attribute. Because the population is under 1,000 students, classroom sizes are small as well. This provides an incredible atmosphere in which to learn. The professors know their students by name, and they are more concerned with their students understanding and learning the material than with teaching large numbers of students. The professors truly care about each of theirs students goals, dreams, and desires.


The college campus is historical and beautiful, the professors are excellent, and the community is strong.


The best part of Emory and Henry College is the one on one time with the professors. With the small amount of students who attend Emory and Henry College, and the incredible staff that is available to us, incredible opportunities are given to us to get as much out of our teachers as possible. Other colleges may have great professors, but in their schools, they are simply a number. I am happy to say that every one of my professors know my name and who I am as a student, and just as importantly, who I am as a person.


The small community environment and the awesome campus


The best things about my school include the good education you reacieve, how close everyone is including faculty, professors and students, and how easy it is to get involved and make a difference.


I believe the best thing about Emory and Henry is the wide variety of classes one must take to graduate. This is great because it forces you to expand your horizons. It also helps you make friends that are outside of your major and typical group. By taking classes outside of your major that you wouldn't otherwise take, you may find a new passion in life.


The student to teacher relation because I feel that I can ask my professors almost anything and get a honest response. They even talk to you outside of class, and if it has been a while since you took their class, they want to know what you've been up to lately and how the semesters are going.


Emory & Henry College requires each student to attend Lyceums, cultural events put on by the students and invited speakers. The college requires each student to attend five Lyceum events per semester which i beleive is a wonderful requirement because each student is required to go outside of his or her comfort zone and attend cultural events which are beneificial throughout life. Lyceums also include the student body in numerous events on campus which brings the Emory & Henry community closer as a whole.


The best thing about Emory and Henry is that it is such a small school. This is a good thing because it makes for a very tight-knit community that is always very supportive of a good learning experience. The small school allows for small class sizes and thus each student really gets the feeling that they are noticed and cared for by their professors.


The hardest thing about this question is picking what I like best, as there are so many things that I love about Emory & Henry. I really love the attention that I get from my professors, and I know at a bigger school my professors probably wouldn’t even know my name. Also the professors here really take an interest in their students.


Very strong athletic programs. If you are student athlete than you are getting the best quality in division III atheletics. Also the teachers are very kind and will work with you.


How small it is. I love the community feel.




The friendly, peaceful community. Familiar faces are what make you feel welcomed and secure while you are here.