Emory University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Everyone at Emory pretty much lives in a great dorm. There is heat, air conditioning, well furnished lounges with tables, chairs, and some with flat screens. Long Street Means is the best dorm for freshman, with leather couches and a fireplace near the entrance, Mac computers for use, and spacious closet space and rooms. Emory really prides itself in its living options, and the worst dorm right now called Trimble is being knocked down and made anew for better dorms. Emory University living is highly respected and for upperclassmen, there is the opportunity to live at Clairmont, which is designed as a country club. Clairmont has its own gym, outdoor swimming pool, and tennis courts privately owned by the university for all the residents and student use. The apartments at Clairmont are styled as mini-townhouse apartments, with a living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, and 2-3 bedrooms with approximately 2 bathrooms. If you decide to come to Emory, you will not be disappointed! If you choose to go Greek, you have the option of living at the sorority lodges on campus, and/or the fraternity houses which look like mini-mansions. A lot of the frat houses have parlors with game rooms, in addition to porches with grills, and one fraternity even has an outdoor pool! I think the dorms at Emory are more like luxury apartment/house styled living once you get past freshman year. A lot of upperclassmen also tend to live off campus in apartment complexes and/or nearby houses.


This question is ironic, because I just toured the brand new campus dorms today (they'll be available for freshman who start August 2012). I can confidently say that Emory has some of the nicest dorms of any university in the country. They just built two huge new freshman dorms that are spacious. One of them has a lobby that looks like a fancy ski lodge. There are computers in every dorm lobby if you have a quick google search you want to do. Many of the room styles are "semi-suites," where you have two double rooms connected by a bathroom. Yes, most freshman only have to share a bathroom with their suitemates. Consider Emory's housing as spoiled. Oh, and also, Clairmont campus is gorgeous and features an outdoor olympic size swimming pool - which gets packed in the fall and spring and is a blast.


Freshmen just registered for housing for next year...and due to the renovations of many sophomore dorms, there over 200 freshmen who don't have anywhere to live next year.


The new dorms have great study lounges that students can use whenever they feel the need.


Geoff shows us around his single room in Few, one of the new freshman dorms.


Mara gives us a tour of her room in Dobbs. This freshman hall is the smallest on campus but people love it for its social scene.


Full view of a room in Harris Hall


Cara talks about living in complex which is made up of 3 halls and has lots of amenities.


Seth talks about the party that is freshman dorm Harris Hall.