Emory University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Intellectual, but career goals are less ivory tower, more doctor/lawyer.


My classmates are independent, determined, culturally sensitive individuals that aim to make a difference in the world using their educational background and life experiences.


Pompous rich kids that give less fortunate students a feeling of absolute inferiority.


My classmates are driven individuals who strive to do their best in every arena of life.


As someone who is friends with all types of people, I found it even easier to make friends at Emory for this reason. Everyone here is different in some way, whether itd be interest or race, and I think the campus groups show how diverse Emory is. I recently attended an Indian Cultural Exchange event at the Omni Hotel, where Indian culture was celebrated throughout the night through food, dance, song, etc. A lot of my friends are from Southeast Asian and I love the fact that I had the experience to partake in their culture. There are multiple other groups on campus too that host events promoting their culture and background which I find highly important to experience in college. Everyone should have an open mind when meeting different people, because you can always learn from something new. Most students do not feel out of place at Emory because everyone is so friendly and there is so much to do, I can't imagine someone not being able to fit somewhere! Most students wear gym clothes to class because of the weather in addition to going to the gym in between classes. Working out and exercise is a big thing for Emory students, almost as big as academics. I would say this is another factor of Emory students' attractiveness, they not only like to work hard in the classroom, but also work out at the AWESOME gym that Emory offers. Most students who come to Emory are from New York state and/or somewhere in Georgia. There are also a great number of International students from Korea as elsewhere. I'd say most people here at Emory are from wealthy upper middle class families, but there are a bunch of people from everywhere on the financial spectrum. I think students here talk about politics quite a lot, but not in overwhelming amounts that start activism. I think Emory students' big thing that unites them together is community service, because I think a lot of the students here pursue careers in the preprofessional disciplines to help others, and just that in itself is enough to unite a great student body.


As I said, Emory students are very diverse. Students come from the East Coast, the West Coast, place in between and even from overseas. I think everyone can "find a place" here and the stereotype that we are institution of rich brats is entirely untrue. My family is by no means rich and a lot of kids have jobs on or off campus. Politically, most students tend to lean toward the left but if you're a conservative, you could probably find someone with views like yours if you looked. My roommate, for example, is politically more conservative.


Students at Emory are motivated and intelligent. But that doesn't mean they don't have fun. There are around 10 frats that have parties every weekend. Most parties are themed and past themes have ranged from trailer trash to beach party, or nerds, etc. People here work hard during the week, but let it all out on the weekends. After parties on weekends, everyone goes to Maggies, a local bar, for some fun. They are lax on IDs, so everyone crowds into this bar around 2AM to socialize more before the night is over. Students at Emory are also very stylish. People do care about what they wear. Many students wear designer outfits every day. Leggings are also a popular item here. However, there are many students who don't care too much about they wear. No matter what clothes you have, you'll fit in.


The average Emory student definitely comes from a wealthy background and tends to be from the Northeast. But Emory also has students that come from all over the country (I'm from Portland, Oregon and no, we do not drive around in buggies) and all over the world. Emory is home to a much more diverse student body than I had expected coming into this school. I have friends from all over the world including England, Cuba, Thailand and Bulgaria. The foreign students tend to be some of the most wealthy but they also tend to be some of the brightest. In addition to being diverse, the emory student body is very very very smart. Emory was a reach school for me academically and I was thrilled when I got in. In High School I considered myself to be a motivated, intelligent and capable person and while I still view myself in that light, I am now more aware of how many other people (6000 I believe is the size of Emory currently) share those same qualities at this school. Emory may not be an Ivy League but I doubt there is another school with students as driven to succeed as they are here. While this factor can be intimidating at first, it ultimately contributes to a campus experience rife with energy, creativity and filled with great conversations.


Majority of the students of my school seem to be sheltered or at least not used to areas like NYC (excluding Manhattan). They are very goal and study oriented.


Our student body is almost stereotypically liberal suburbanites, and I mean that in a good way because I happen to be one of those.


Everyone is from everywhere, diversity rules at Emory.


Work hard and play hard


The most energetic, smart, and funny classmates I have ever had in my life.


The student body tends to be cliquey, breaking off into ethnic, racial and religious groups - the group of Jewish friends, the international students, the African-Americans, etc. However, this is not a result of biases, but simply the natural progression for most students, as they meet most of their friends through extra-curriculars such as Hillel or the Black Student Alliance. If you want a more diverse group of friends, simply talk to people - just because they keep to their own type doesn't mean they wouldn't mind meeting different people. The atmosphere at Emory is very laid back. People don't dress up every day, sticking instead to shorts and t-shirts or sweatshirts when it gets colder. As long as the weather is warm, most people stay outside, studying or reading on the quad, throwing around a frisbee or football, or just sitting around and chatting. Any type of person will be able to find a social group at Emory. There are the kids who party hard as well as those who'd prefer to stay in on a Friday night and watch a movie. most people will do both, depending on the day, and different personality types are still able to be friends and find things to do together. Most people are interested and active in politics, and the campus is largely liberal, although the College Republicans are a very vocal minority. Most people are simply able to enjoy themselves at college in the moment, finding things they enjoy to do and not focusing on the future. Overall, Emory is an enjoyable place to be, and most people benefit from that.


As an upper classman my classmates are determined, driven and inteligent. I am inspired by my classmates as we continue to learn from each other and keep each other current and on top of class work and current medical events that shapen our experiences and future.


They are all really smart and know how to manage time.


My classmates are unique men and women of numerous backgrounds that come from states and different countries who voice their opinions, yet respect eachothers' views, that love one another and endulge in eachothers' presence.


When I think of my peers a myriad of words come to mind; intelligent, dedicated, talented, diverse, disciplined and just overall awesome!


Some students at Oxford College ( an extention of Emory University) are extremely intelligent, determined, and friendly; others give off the appearance that they are lazy, rude, and ostentatious; one common goal of all students is the advancement of themselves and/or their education.


They can be competitive, but overall, there is a atmosphere of friendless with us working together.


We are a small diverse group and each of us brings a unique view to the learning experience.


Every type of student is here. I think I have changed a lot in college, and I've always found friends easily. If you can imagine a stereotype about a student, s/he goes here. I think most students wear pretty casual clothes to class. We value our sleep! Students generally claim to be pretty left, but I've found that the average student is pretty moderate. The average student is probably from Atlanta, New York, or Philadelphia, is pre-med, and a Democrat but honestly all types are represented. I think there is probably a stronger community among those who don't fit the typical mold. We have an interesting distinction of being a non-Southern school in the South, if that makes sense.


My classmates are very diverse group of smart and talented people who will not hesitate to help me in a pinch.


Friendly, hard-working people who party on the weekends.


My classmates are outgoing and enjoy learning in various fields.


I have the best classmates! Everyone is enthusiastic about learning and we all know what we want out of this program. We all help each other and if one is struggling someone is there to help bring them back.


Career-focused, determined students who also have a very vibrant social life.


They are ambitious, smart and fun-loving.


Some are very academically focused and others not so much. There is a diversity.


My classmates are very studious, nice, talkative, and driven academically.


Most of them are overpriviledge kids who were born with a platinum spoon in their mouth.


Highly intelligent and friendly yound adults.


In science, they were driven, in humanities, some were almost lazy.


They are generally friendly and helpful, and ranging in enthusiasm.


Most of my classmates are friendly and helpful. Students tend to get very stressed out and anxious due to the competitiveness of the school. However if you actively seek out help, students are willing to help. Most of the students tend to be from the upper class so their social acttivites are costly at times. I personally cannot go out all the time or eat out a lot whereas they can.


The School is racially and socioeconomically diverse.


There are a lot of very well off people here. There are also a lot of snobs here and I hate to use this but a lot of Jews here find themselves to be self riteous but on the whole everyone is great and fun to meet.


My classmates are very nice, calm and goal-oriented. I love them!


Goal oriented, very focused but very fun loving.


Most are studious when they have to be, but they also like to have a lot of fun, too.


There are two types of classmates: those who work hard and study hard and the party people who take their opportunity here and their education for granted.


The typical Emory student is rich and feels some sort of self-entitlement because of it, and they usuaully pledge a fraternity or sorority


Most of my class mates are from the northeast (new york, boston, jersey) and there is a large jewish populationa s well as a large korean population. A lot of the northerners dont share the same values as most southerners when it comes to manners. There are a lot of stuck up people at Emory but there are still a lot of down to earth individuals. Partying is a big deal here but it often gets in the way of studying. There are a lot os students here interested in the fantastic premed and business programs offered at Emory University.


We're a little lazy, but when it matters we'll work to make a difference.


Emory is very LGBT friendly. There are alot of openly queer people at Emory. Some are more open about it than others, but everyday I learn about a new person who is gay in the community. People are welcoming of LGBT persons. There are several iniciatives going on at Emory. A transgender initiative seeks to create gender neutral bathrooms around campus and focuses on other transgender problems on a college campus. Also, a group of students is working to make the fraternity/sorority organizations more gay friendly. These steps are transforming Emory into an even more Gay friendly university.


Students come from around the country and around the world. We all have different religions, different political views, skin colors, and ideas, yet we form an amazing community. No one is the way they seem. Each individual student has a story to be told of pride and struggle, and we each bring something important to Emory.


Emory tends to be a politically liberal school. There have been incidences with more conservative personal such as David Horowitz and Newt Gingrich. For a more left leaning, President Jimmy Carter is one of the faculty members of Emory. Besides this, there is also the practice of being 'PC' rather than stating what is 'most accurate.' However despite this, whether conservative or liberal...most people at Emory practice the liberal arts' notion of "agree to disagree" and both conservatives and liberals enjoy participating in rhetoric. Though it is recommended that a person choose to talk politics to people wisely. While Emory is supposed to be an 'open' intellectual campus, some people tend to have 'closed' minds from both political spectrums unfortunately.


More than any other kind of diversity here at Emory, I liked seeing how groups of friends were temporarily divided by politics. My group of friends had a few heated discussions about Hilary versus Obama. Nobody brought up McCain except Peter... he was the only one. I liked listening to my rich friends talk politics with my poor friends because I was really surprised by their stances on certain issues- they agreed on alot of things.


Emory is getting more and more diverse, which I think is great. Despite its growing diversity, there is still a clear separation between ethnic groups within friends. I don't think anyone excludes anyone else on purpose, its just how it is. I wish we could interact with each other more. I find almost everyone is very nice and kind. It is rare that I find someone who is flat out rude to me. I think most people at Emory are extremely driven, as well. I believe that everyone has some sort of standard of living and final goal that they wish to achieve, if not in the near future, then at some point in their lives.


The student body is very diverse consisting of mosty whites, asians, and indians. There are tons of kids from South Korea and they do is smoke, never speak in English, and stay out until 5 AM. There is a high percentage of Jews and Christian people sometimes feel like a minority. There is the table of all black kids, frat brothers, koreans who don't speak english to anyone besides their professors, and weird kids who didnt do a frat. Most students come from money.