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The opportunies given and the school's beauty makes it unique.


Emory enriches its community by having a diverse student body. Religion, race, ethnicity, location, opinions you name it. At Emory, you can find students who you can relate to and learn from. Each student contributes to the community in their own unique way. Immersing yourself at an educational institution that has great diversity is the best way to learn. People tend to think of college as a place to learn in order to pursue your academic interests. Emory teaches you that is wrong. College is a place to learn about the world.


Emory University is one of the best schools in the nation. The students that graduate from the university usually have no problems in job searching due to the universities reputation. The university is an ivy league school so there is no known sports team from the school. Sports include lacrosse, tennis, soccer and basketball to name a few.


The small size really appealed to me because I do not do well in large cities or social situations. I also liked the reputation and that it was close to home.


Overall, Emory is an amazing place to be. It has its minor problems, but the administration bureaucracy seem to respond well to criticism and try and fix the issues that students bring up. The campus is beautiful and the people are interesting and fun to be around. It is a tight knit group of people, and most students are proud to be here. The work may be difficult, but Emory's community makes up for any difficulties that exist, and at the end of the day, it is a great place to spend college.




Emory is unique because although it is located in the South, it still has the feeling of a Northern school because many of the student body is from places like New York and Massachussetts. Also, it is located near a city but still has a beautiful campus.


Everyone seems really happy and proud to attend this school. The nice weather puts everyone in a better and more friendly mood.


Emory University is ranked at the top in many different subjects, so no matter what someone decides to do they will receive a top notch education. Most of the students here start as Pre-Medical students, but once they explore all of the options that are available to them they discover new interests. For example, many students here do not realize that Goizueta Business school is ranked in the top 5 of the nation. Eventually, many of the students that wanted to be doctors decide to be business professionals, scientists, and whatever else interests them.


- Diverse student body - Excellent business school/program with job placement - Great weather and location - Multitude of extracurricular activities available - Lots of Jews


Just come here. Emory is hands down an incredible school where you'll meet a diverse group of people from all backgrounds, socio-economic levels, religions, skin colors, sexual orientations, etc. It's truly an amazing place and I think no matter what type of person you are you will find kindred spirits here...just visit. And then come here :)


Emory strives to attain the best of both worlds. By being in Atlanta, GA, there is much diversity in the student and teacher population, and the learning teaching environment. There are only roughly 7000 undergraduates in the university, keeping classrooms very intimate. At Emory, I truly feel like a global citizen. I am an Indian Hindu who grew up in Ohio; my four best friends are a Pakistani Muslim who grew up in Thailand, a Taiwanese Atheist who grew up in Boston, a Chinese Buddhist who grew up in Hong Kong, and a Catholic Jew who grew up in Jersey.


It's hard to describe, but I believe Emory offers more opportunities to it's students. Opportunities to succeed, to achieve, to make friends different from people you've ever encountered in your life. They offer the chance to break out of what you're used to and explore something else. Although it may have it's faults, the positives of Emory University outweigh any of the negatives.


Emory is really a school where if you want to achieve it, you can. If you don't, you won't. If you want to have a good time (whatever that means to you), you can definitely do it. There's a lot of room for individuality and it's kind of a DIY environment. You can do as much or as little as you want, activity-wise, and in terms of academics, there are lots of resources available to help.


At Emory everything is accessible, from the technological email system called LearnLink to advisors I never feel in the dark, I can always find information about anything just through learnlink itself. I also think their are so many opportunities on campus to get involved with your field of study from psychological case studies you can view to interning with a research group , the sky is the limit.


funding, environment, atlanta


Well because it is Oxford College of Emory University it's a small school with a beautiful campus. The number of enrolled students is a little over 700 students. The classes are small and the professors are very available. You get the Emory education with the small college feel.


It's academic reputation


I like Emory because, unlike other schools, it has many opportunities to do research and to volunteer. There are also many people who will help if you want to start new research or clubs here. Furthermore, they have many professors who are both well-known in their fields and have a genuine desire to make sure that students understand and appreciate the material. Additionally, Emory is big enough that you can meet new people all the time yet still see your own friends frequently.


The diversity of the campus and everything that is stated in the survey does describe Emory. Emory allowed me to fit everything to how I wanted it; it felt custom made for me rather than most state schools


The pre-med and pre-business sides of the school are very good. Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology is a unique major that isn't offered at many other universities.


I love it here. I may be in the minority, but I don't think so. I have had so many positive experiences and really no negative ones, so I never want to leave. I know there are people who feel differently, and I feel sad that they aren't having as good of an Emory experience as I am. YAY EMORY


constructions everywhere.


Emory University and the Rollins School of Public Health are wonderful institutions to be a part of. I'm sure there are negative aspects to them, but I have yet to encounter any that have been major challenges. I would recommend both of these great academic communities to prospective students.


again, the food sucks


ugly girls


There is a rift between oxford students and regular students. also, minority students are not very comfortable expressing themselves


Great campus...I'd love to see more westcoast kids here, and I'd love to see something done by the school (maybe a really good school-sponsored event) that helps people from different social groups meet each other and spend time together.


i got nothing


I think this survey should be set up differently, more multiple choice. No one wants to spend the time answering all those questions in essay form. GO EMORY!!


Emory is a great school that is one the rise. If emory village gets better then the university will be much better off.


The weather is amazing.




Emory puts on a good front for you at open house. Definitely stay with a student who is not involved with the tours so you can really see what Emory is like. I thought I would love Emory but when I got there it was the complete opposite of what I had expected. I actually transferred because I was so depressed. The alcohol abuse is disgusting. Emory is definitely a party school for smart students.


I absolutely LOVE my school!!!!!!!!!!!