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Describe the best and worst parts of the social scene on campus.

As an upperclassmen, frat parties aren't always the thing to do, however it just depends on the frat and who you know. Frat parties usually consist of a lot of freshman, but sometimes events are thrown off campus which is a good mix like at the Nest or Maggie's. I personally think Maggie's is way too crowded and not as fun coming from NYC, but if you know a lot of people at Maggie's to chill with it could be fun. The good thing about Atlanta is that there is so many other venues like bars and clubs and lounges to hang out at, that there isn't a problem finding other things to do. However, because atlanta is a driving city, it can be a huge pain to split cab fare with friends especially if all your friends live in different parts of campus. I think another criticism of campus social life is that people are kinda cliquey here and may not be open to meeting new people. It just depends on who you meet and what activities you join. The best part of campus is that you can definitely walk down the street and identify familiar faces, however if you don't like seeing people you know, it's fine too! Emory is big enough where you can see enough people you know, and can easily avoid the ones you want to avoid...just be careful because Emory is not as big as you think. Greek life has its best and bad moments, but I highly recommend rushing just to see if it is for you. I think campus social life is pretty chill and nice here, it just needs better organization as well as more interest in the student body and notifying everyone of really cool events! Greek life is a great way to get involved with organized events, but it depends on the person. Overall, social scene happens on and off campus pretty equally.

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