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What are your classes like?

I think Emory's academics are challenging, manageable, and interesting because Emory is a university that strives to promote healthy living for all its students. There is definitely enough work to keep one busy here at Emory, but it is definitely manageable because of the great teaching ability of the professors. The library is open 24 hours during the week, but is closed for a certain time on the weekends! Most of my classes taught extremely well by the professors, so much so that a lot of the interesting facts and lessons of the lecture sticks with me during and after class, leading into class discussions and debates with my peers and friends. I would say class is where intellectual curiosity is birthed and developed further, and that the Emory class environment is always very friendly in addition to academically serious. Learning at Emory has inspired me to research further topics of interest discussed in class, outside of the classroom. Classes range from large lecture hall to small sized seminars with discussion, and I find that majority of Emory classes are well-sized so that each student can voice their opinion, understand the material, and establish meaningful relationships to professors and peers. Emory's classes are great!

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