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What do students complain about most?

The Duc food is not the best type of food around, but most of what i hear are people complaining about is the way the food is prepared and the type of unhealthy food selection that is offered. Also, the weather is something that bothers a lot of people because it sometimes rains randomly and in the summer it gets ridiculously hot. For academics, I would say there isn't enough organization between the administration and there needs to be a better system for organizing students and directing them in their specific major and minors. Emory students are very independent and self- motivated so it doesn't really hurt them, but there should still be more organization regardless. Also, the thing that bothers me the most is the incredulous lack of organization with housing! The system is not very structured where students are guaranteed housing who need it once you are an upperclassmen. Lastly, the distance between the health center, counseling service, and other student care centers are pretty distant from certain parts of campus and may be far for some. Overall, Emory is pretty great, but I would say there are definite loopholes of the system and needs to be better organized for students to be fairly guaranteed what tuition covers.

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