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What's the Greek scene like?

If you walk around campus, you will see girls with sorority lettered bags, and frat guys with fraternity lettered tee shirts. Greek scene is pretty big here, dominating around 30% of the student body and heavily increasing in numbers. However, it is not everything, but in terms of organized social functions and events, Greek life is pretty much the place to be. There are around 7 mainstream sororities and 10 mainstream fraternities who throw a good amount of date parties, mixers, and themed open parties. There are also multicultural sororities and a honors fraternity and co-ed business and service fraternities that you can be a part of. However, the mainstream Greeks dominate the scene and have houses and lodges, but Greek life isn't for everyone so you don't have to rush if you don't want to. There is such a large enough student population that joining a Greek organization isn't the only thing to do, however it is a great way to meet people and make great college memories!

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About 1/3 of undergrad students at Emory are in Greek life. The best way to learn about Greek life is to check out the website,

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