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When you step off campus what do you see?

There's not much off campus, except for Emory Village and a couple of nice suburban houses. Emory Village is pretty much all you see entering from the entrance of Emory. Emory Village is so CUTE though. It has boutiques to cute little restaurants like Doc Chey's Noodle House, Everybody's, Saba pasta, Burgers, Tacos, CVS, Yogli Mogli, Chipotle, and more. Aside from Emory Village, there's a lot of quaint little houses alongside Emory...also what I love about Emory is that it is constantly developing and the Center for Disease Control is so close in addition to Children's Hospital of Atlanta. Next year, Emory is going to get a major influx of businesses as well as luxury apartments for both students and professors and other staff called Emory Point. I'd say mostly off campus is pretty safe because Emory is in the safe part of Atlanta, but when you get into the city, which isn't too far, there's even more to do!

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