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Where is the best place to get work done on campus?

What's great about Emory is that there are so many places to get work done! I would say Cox hall is the best because of its plethora of MAC computers, comfy lounge cushions and chairs, and simulated business executive meeting rooms where students can hold meetings and/or chill out and/or study. There are numerous tables and chairs outside Cox to study as well as booths. Park benches and the never ending lawn on a sunny day is also a good place to study. The library is obviously the best bet---so much room to study, especially the really nice reading room with huge leather couches. But beware during midterm and finals week---you will rarely find space! For the even more studious kind, there are tons of cubbies in the stacks sprinkled everywhere in the library and in Cox Hall. Everything at Emory is pretty modern and modern styled, and very comfortable. Guaranteed you can find a place to get work done.

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