Emory University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I loved the intimate community of Emory University's Oxford College campus. Professors were very helpful and had the ability to provide personal assistance because of the small class sizes. The liberal arts curriculum exposed me to a variety of fields. This has been of benefit now that I have decided to change careers. Some of the core classes that I would have otherwise not taken were required for graduate school. Also, Oxford has awesome service-learning & leadership opportunities for undergraduates.


This is a very diversified and friendly school with many intellectuals.


I tell them about the excellent business program. At number 5, the Undergraduate business program at Goizueta Business School is effieicent, and offers a very structured and practical course.


My campus is very eco-friendly and very eco-conscious. There’s definitely a club/extra-curricular for everybody and there’s always an opportunity to serve and give back to the community. Professors are very interested in a student’s success and no professor will ever turn you down if you want to meet and talk with them about anything. also, Emory does a great job of keeping us connected with the outside world by providing shuttles to hot-spots in Atlanta and bringing in high-profile artists to perform at events.


The fact that I'm going to nursing school


The campus is immaculately beautiful all year round.


The amazing community. There are always fun activites that bring the whole Emory community together whether it be for cultural, religious, or just plain old fashion get together.


The small classrooms, the friends, the weather, the quality of education.


The quality of the curriculum and professors.


How Emory is in the top 20 in the US rankings.


The calibre of professors Emory University has is exceptional. They are not only generally extremely knowledgeable in their fields, but many of them attempt to go out of their way to assit their students in the "real world." Moreover, the number of renowned accomplishments and the alumni are generally topics that impress others when discussing Emory University. Lastly, the connnections the university has with other professional institutions is usually impressive and expansive enough to allow alumni to obtain jobs after graduation, whether by direct or indirect connections.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag about our campus, the modern technology, the great food selection, our spacious dorm rooms, the interest level of the professors just to name a few. The students on campus are awesome the university offers something to satify every need you can imagine while focusing primarily on developing well rounded individuals. College life at my campus is fantastic and when I leave on breaks I cannot wait back to get back to my home away from home.


My friends, and my awesome classes. They're just so interesting!


I always brag about the responsive nature of our faculty and student organizations. President Wagner supports so many different constituentencies on campus, and it seems that whenever Emory students feel unsatisfied with a practice or gap in some quality of life, we can always find someone to implement appropriate changes.


Emory is ranked no. 17 in the country and is considered the "Harvard of the South." The school is competitive. All of the 2009 graduates in my medical imaging program have obtained jobs. My classmates and I have very little time for a social life because we have multiple projects due for each class.


pretty campus, near the city, good church


The opportunities available at this school are abundant. If you are into the sciences and would like to pursue lab research experience, there are plenty of professors that welcome your participation. Emory Healthcare is the largest healthcare provider in the state, which allows for many hospitals where you may shadow physicians and volunteer in the ER if you are contemplating a career in healthcare. The Centers for Disease Control is literally right next to the school as well. Many businesses are based in Atlanta and as a result, the business students can take advantage of this fact.


I brag about how many hours I take (20 hours), and how much I study because my friends take about 12 hours and never study.


Although I do not really brag about my school, I would mostly tell people about the liberal environment. This includes our awesome environmental regime, intelligent staff, etc. Also, one of the best parts about Emory is that the professors are very involved with the students.


I brag about the wonderful opportunities and all the needs of the students that are met by the school!


I can brag about almost anything.