Emory University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Emory is a place for anybody. Whether you're shy or gregarious, you can find your niche at Emory.


The kind of person who should attend this school is is driven to learn more and interact with people of diverse backgrounds. Emory University is known to be academically challenging but rewarding in the knowledge you receive. One thing I love about this school is the ability to interact and make friends with fellow students from all over the country and world, which allows me a diverse worldview into different cultures, practices etc. On top of that, the campus promotes diversity through different religious and ethnic clubs as well as dixtinct performances showcasing many cultures that come together on campus.


Emory is an excellent setting for leaders. There are always leadership opportunities available on campus. If you don't consider yourself a leader but still aim to contribute to the community, there are several volunteer events available on campus and throughout the community. As for workload, you have to be ready to deliver on your part. Teachers have very high expectations here which students have an obligation to meet or even surpass.


Emory is a great school for dedicated, hard-working students.


There are two colleges at Emory University: Oxford College and Emory College. Students who are very community oriented, need small class sizes, or come from a smaller city/high school are very well suited for Oxford. Oxford has 900 undergrad students and allows students to take on community-changing leadership positions much earlier than Emory, making the student strongly connected to their college community from the start of their freshman year. Emory is equally wonderful, but is more suited for students who are used to the distractions of bigger cities and bigger class sizes. Emory is 6,000 undergrad.


A hard-working, goal-oriented, driven, self-starter. Emory will provide a top quality, highly rated education to all students who are willing to work for it. If you are seeking a top 20 private university who specializes in a liberal arts education, Emory is for you. It is located in the greater Atlanta area, but quaintly located in the Decatur neighborhood. The weather is great, professors are wonderful, but you have to do the work!


A person who had excellent success with a college prepatory high school curiculum.


Bearing the title of an Emory student carries with it expectations of discipline, responsibility, and rigor. However, the characteristic that embodies the learners of Emory most profoundly is open-mindedness. Emory's gates are open to those who appreciate the vibrant cultures of different continental races here and the variety of thought they bring with it. The energy of our campus thrives from the students' passion to probe, question, and understand the vast range of diversity and knowledge surrounding them, no matter where their political or ideological loyalties lie. In essence, we welcome those willing to learn from each other.


I would recommend any hard working, organized student to attend this school which is well structured. Everything you need from academics to social activities and financial aid are available to assist you with getting the most of your college life. Initially I was of the view that my family's finances would not have afforded me the proviledge of attending this school but as it turned out so far, I was so wrong.


a passionate individual willing to work for their degree and spend countless hours studying but at the end, feeling accomplished


Any student that comes to Oxford College, an extension of Emory University, should be brillant in both intelligence and personality. Intelligence goes far in any instituion; however, without the pairing of intelligence with an outgoing person or one that does not know exactly what their major should be then there is no use in coming to Oxford College. It is a liberal institiution meant for people who want to be active in the community, either for social or volunteering purposes, while getting an often strenuous education.


Most of the students here are pre-professional or career-minded. Many are rich, Jewish, or from the NY/NJ area. Do not come here if you want good school spirit or an awesome Greek life- Emory is known for having a weak party life and many of the students are cliquey.


A person willing to work hard and learn lots. There is much homework and studying involved.


academically focused, students who enjoy new things pre-med, business, pre-health students should attend this school


The person that should attend Emory should be focused on academics and be illing to put in a good amount of work to get good grades. Also they should be open to different cultures because there are a lot of ethnicities that attend the college.


A person who knows what degree / major they want. Also, someone who is very confident.


Highly motivated people considering professional schools such as medical school or law school would do well at Emory. The school also has a well-respected engineering dual degree program with Georgia Tech nearby. Class sizes are unusually small, allowing students to interact personally with Emory's competent and friendly faculty. Due to Emory's diverse ranges of activities and people, I think the school has something for everyone, but people who are not particularly concerned with academic pursuits may feel alienated by the competitive, career-driven student body and should definitely visit Emory before applying.


There are more women than men, and many students have a lot of money. The girls tend to be self-interested and the guys tend to drink. There are students that aren't like that, but the predominant stereotype is that of rich Long Island girls.


Rich, Jewish Long Islanders.


A person should attend this school if he/she is interested in learning and working hard but is not interested in the competitive environment of the Ivies. If he/she is also interested in research or internship opportunities, Emory would be a good fit as well. However, if that person wants a big sports school that is very school spirited, this is not the place for him/her.