Empire Beauty School-Lakewood Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I am taking a risk, which is changing my major illustration to Graphic design. Because I think design has become very important in this society. As the world relies more on technology, communication and information sharing among people will increase exponentially such that we cannot imagine. this means design has power to change the world. This is the reason that I had to change my major. of course illustration is very powerful but graphic design, has big potential and it can enlarge people's view of art. The School is 'Pasadena Art Center College of Design', well known to designers as a difficult school to get into because, unlike any other art school, it requires a professional-level portfolio. I spent two months creating my portfolio with no tutor or art education background in order to get into this school. Some people say this is hard to believe because most students they know spent two years with a tutor to complete a portfolio. I think this could happen because I had clear idea about what I want to do and I was dedicated for my dream.


College was something that I thought I personally would never be able to do. After spending time in China and Sudan working with people who have much less than I do, my heart became anxious, wanting more than anything to be able to do more for them. Going to school has been the most challenging experience I have ever faced. I am learning more about who I am, what I want to do in this world and with my life and what it means to fight for the causes you believe in. I have been constantly reminded personally, that school is a priveledge and not something that everyone is guarenteed. I am able to learn alongside of people who have experienced a lot more life than I have and am honored to learn from their experiences. The desire to always be learning has only grown inside of me and my excitement for the future has doubled. There is nothing more satisfying than realizing that you do have the tools necessary to change the world and improve the lives of others. College has taught me this.

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