Emporia State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is one where you can go and find a good group to hangout with but only if you really are involved in greek life.


Emporia State University is a competitive school where I am driven to be the best student I can be with the assistance of a staff that cares, resources that aid, and peers who inspire.


Close-knit community in which teachers are interested in you exceling.


My school feels like a home away from home.


I did a distance program called the B.E.S.T. program for my undergrad. Emporia State partnered with Butler County Community College and all the classes were taken at the Butler campus in El Dorado, KS. It was a great program with dedicated teachers.


My school is supporting in education, I can always find resources and help if I need it for my school work.


Emporia State University is a great place for people wanting to study business or teaching; however, everyone else will have a hard time getting the courses they are likely interested in as most classes being taught are quite generic.


ESU is a friendly, interactivie, social school that has some of the nicest people and most helpful professors I could hope for.


This school is great for those of us that need a better transition from living at home to living on our own away from our families; they expect quality from us as students and it is essential to strive to be the best that you can be, but not under the pressure and crowds of a big state university.


Emporia State University is a well-rounded college.


Emporia State University is multicultural, friendly, and has great professors.


This school is an out in the country, but culturally diverse atmosphere with career goals for everyone in mind.


Emporia State University is a friendly school that keeps its students in mind and where you will get an awesome education without finding yourself buried in debt in the next 20 years.


it is a fun, safe, and a good study evironment.


Emporia State Unverisity has an excellent learning environment and has a varity of opportunites.


Emporia is a great school with very nice people who want to learn.


It's a very close-knit community.


Small town feel to it, open to diverse ideas and people, very welcoming.


An educational experience that will prepare you with the right tools needed to succeed in the real world.


Emporia State University is a high-quality educational school which engages students to participate the most they can in whatever they can do and to have a great attitutde towards life and to remember to set high goals and to reach for those stars, because someday you will get there!


Emporia State is a school that will make school fun, it will be the perfect class size with the perfect teacher, and most of all it is a fun campus and everybody knows everybody!