Emporia State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It is best known as a "teacher's college"


We are best known for our Teacher's College and our small town personality. Emporia State is one of the top ten schools for Education in the country. The people here are great and many of the students and faculty want to better the world and bring out the best in others. People are inviting, the teachers actually care, and the locals are hospitable. It is a safe place to live and an even better place to study.


My school is best known for the teaching college we have. Apart from this, we are also well known for having a funny mascot - Corky, the hornet - and right now a number one ranked girls basketball team in our division.


Princeton Review was named ESU "Best in the Midwest" institutions of higher learning. They are a hidden gem in Kansas. The athletic teams are called the Hornets! The Lady Hornets basketball team has won a stste championship. This school was previously named Kansas State Teachers College but has continued to expand into credible areas of study for various degrees such as business.


Our school is best known for the great sense of community. There is a strong and friendly relationship between the town of Emporia and the students that come from all over to be here. I like to refer to it as a "home-like' feeling. The community size is just perfect and you are always sorrounded by smiling faces willing to help.


Emporia State is best known for its high quality academics and winning sports teams. Many of Emporia's majors are high quality and very well known. Its overall most known major is their education/teaching majors.


teachers college


Emporia State University, especially the Kansas City campus staff, is so eager and excited to help students and get them the help they need to be successful. I've only just begun with this school, but I'm extremely impressed by how much they seem to care.


Emporia its known for its teaching program. A lot of wonderful educators come from Emporia University.


Education and teacher training


Emporia State University is best known for two things. The first is having one of the most successful teaching programs in the United States. The second best known thing about Emporia State is that it has the most affordable Business school in the nation.


Emporia State University is nationally known for its School of Education. Our School of Business is strengthening and becoming increasingly competitive, and our Nursing program has also gained a significant reputation. In addition, several of our athletic and extracurricular teams, such as woman's basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, and debate, have also competed very well. For example, our girl's basketball team, the Lady Hornets, won the 2010 Division II National Championship.


Around here Emporia State is best known for its teaching program. It is a great school to go to if you wish to become a teacher. I also enjoy the small class sizes and the professors who teach there. The professors are able to focus on each student individually in most classes.


My school is best known for the "Teacher's College" because most students attending Emporia State are education majors.


Emporia Unverisity is best known for the teaching program.


ESU is known for having the 3rd best teacher's college in the USA


Emporia State University is best known for their teaching program. It was ranked fourth in the nation. That is why i have choosen to become an art education major. My sister who is an elementary major ( also a student at emporia) gave me the inspiration i needed to attend ESU. Emporia promotes student growth and oppurtunity. Thier art department involves 14 full-time and 8 part-time faculty memebers, all of which are devoted and expierenced. Attending ESU allows me to get the help i need to become a successful art student.


The school for teachers. It's a small University in a small town.


It's one of the best teacher's college in country.


My school is best known for being 1993 Debate National Champions and for our Girl's Basketball team. Also ESU holds the #4 spot on the list of top schools for education majors. It is the only university were glassblowing is a major.


My school is best known for their education program. We are told that it is of the "top four in the country." (meaning the USA)