Emporia State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The tution is very resonable, class size is perfect , the professors and other faculty really care about you as an ondividual.


ESU is very exciting and has many activities on campus for students and even the community. The campus is very beautiful and people are firendly and easy to get a long with.


The best thing for me about Emporia State, was how easy it was for me to make friends. Anyone can come to this school and be welcomed. I think this is what sets my university apart from other schools. From the teaching staff to the residential hall staff, everyone has a smile and no one shies away when you need help, or even just a friend.


How great the teachers are. They really care about you and want to make sure that you are always on the right path. A lot of them will even give you thier numbers and tell you to call them anytime, for any reason. They are really their to help you with anything.


You get to know a variety of people well since the classs are smaller and more intamite.


I brag to my friends the most about how friendly that other students and the faculty are. The staff in the resident halls are always avaliable if you need something. everyone seems to love the campus and the faculty. we have over 150 clubs and organizations to get involved in, this also helps to meet people as well as all the orientation events that are put on. Everyone make you feel so wanted on campus.


The fairness of pricing because it is a lot cheaper than most schools in the area.


The area that I brag on the most about Emporia State is the friendly environment. Whether it is the students, employees, faculty, or even President Shonrock, who constantly walks around campus and interacts with students, the atmosphere here is one of the greatest you will find. Doing anything, be it eating a meal, living in the dorms, or even walking to classes, makes you feel welcome and as if we are welcome here.


The size of Emporia State University is amazing. It's larger than a high school but it's small enough that your teachers know your name and they actually care about you. You wont just be a face in a sea of people.


When I tell my friends about Emporia State Univeristy I like to tell them about the academic level here. This school is very academically strong and I am proud to help be a part of it. Also, the class sizes are very small, so I can get to know my teachers and classmates easily and make friends quickly. Everyone is your friend here at Emporia because it is such a small college (about 6,000 students) and you get to know a lot of people.


I love the fact that Emporia State is in a small town, and is just the right size for me.


I brag about how friendly and helpful the students and staff are here. It is so easy to make friends here. If you need help on an assignment the instructor is normally available whenever you need them.


I brag that our school's women's basketball team is the NCAA Division II champions as of last year.


The awesome knowledge gained.


I am most proud of my University for the small size; moreover, the relationships between the professors and students. All of my professors have known my by my first name, and have been available to help outside of the classroom. I love that about my school.


I don't brag because it's not the school for a serious art major


I brag most about how the classes all have about 30 people in them so it's so easy to talk with other people and your professor if you need help, need to study, or to just feel comfortable in the class.


It's the perfect size for a student from a small town, very affordable, has good academics, and has good athletic teams.


The small classes, the nicely sized campus and the close proximity to other cities such as Kansas City, Wichita, Topeka and Lawrence.


That you can get a great education for an amazing price. It's a fun place to be.


I brag about the great research position I have helping a professor here. This opportunity will greatly further my future career!


I always talk about how the community is so involved. The sporting events and concerts are always full by not only students, but by people out in the community. This is a very close community, and everyone is so involved making it a better overall experience. I always brag about that because any other school I have ever been part of is nothing close to what it is here at Emporia State.


Our Art Department.Also famous people visiting campus.