Emporia State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is willing to work hard academically, takes pride in their school functions such as; sporting events and on-campus activities,. People that attend this school should appericate history of Kansas and past and present figures of the state of Kansas.


Emporia State University is known as the Teacher's College for a reason, so if you plan on majoring in Education ESU is the place for you! We also have phenomenal Business, Music, and Nursing programs on campus that many students are a part of as well.


Someone who is looking for a school that will maximize their social and academic lives while at the same time remaining familiar and focused. A person who wants a great education at a very reasonable price.


I believe that a person who wants a personal yet fun and interesting education should come to Emporia State University. The professors are great and extremely helpful both inside and outside of the classroom. The campus is beautiful, Emporia is Historical, and all of the students on campus are open, friendly, and here for a great educational experience. The community is wonderful and they extend their hospitality to all of the students who attendESU. They can help students succeed academically and they can help students either get jobs after graduation or participate in internships to prepare students for future jobs.


An open-minded person with new ideas. Any person who has a desire for change and improvement. A person who doesn't want too big of a school, but large enough not to know everybody.


Students that are interested in becoming a teacher should take a look at Emoria State because it has one of the best teaching programs in the state. Also students who are looking for a smaller campus in a small town Emporia State University would be great for them. Emporia is not a major city and is a long drive from most of the major cities in Kansas so if that is what a student wants then Emporia is not the town for them.


Anyone who wants to learn.


Being a student at Emporia State University is not an easy task. Their are many factors that a student must struggle through to reach their education goals. First, a student must be prepared to learn. A student pays a great amount for their education, and at ESU their money is well spent. Second, a student must have great time managing skills. Their will be many instances where a student will want to spend their time doing something besides studying and students need to learn that balance is key. Last is effort and to be proud of where you are.


A person with a goal-oriented attitude, a strong will to achieve, and dream to follow should attend Emporia State University, hand down. This school brings so much to the table! It's convenient location, about 90 minutes from anywhere in Kansas, is perfect for those wanting to stay close to family and still have some freedom. Those looking for nationally ranked academic programs as well as respected extra-curriculars will be pleasantly surpsrised by ESU's total costs when compared to schools in the region and comparable school nation-wide.


I highly recomend Emporia State University (ESU) for those who know that they want to pursue a higher education but are not exaclty sure what they want to be. I have seen many of my friends decide what they want to be based on the professors and or advisors that they have interacted with on campus. The student body is "just right", big enough that you don't have the same people in every class and small enough that you are sure to have one or two people in any given class that you take.


Anyone could attend this school and feel comfortable. It is a medium sized school so it fits country and city people. This school provides a lot of living space for all and has a lot of activities to meet more people.