Emporia State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Young Lester, you have been adequately prepared for the challenge of college life. Stay focused on the task at hand and go to class. Your study habits are good but if you aren't in class to take proper notes or to ask questions, you will struggle with completing your degree in 4 years. Before you know it, you will have real responsibilities and the goal of finishing your degree will continue to be pushed back until you look up years down the line feeling like there is unfinished business. You value education so don't lose your focus. Don't lose sight of what you started out to do. Use your time wisely, go to class and be the student that you know you are.


Starchild, don't go to college in Wyoming. You have 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} body fat and Wyoming has ten-month winters. Do you really want that? Do you want to put on seven layers of clothing to ride a fixie bike across town to audition for that 80s hair metal cover band whilst resembling the StayPuft Marshmallow Man? Also, dude, you have narcolepsy. Surprise! Go see a doctor. He'll say it's just depression, but you tell him that future you found out that you are physiologically aroused every 33 seconds while you sleep and you get virtually no NREM sleep. Your options are cocaine or Ritalin, but you don't want to go to jail, so get a prescription. Also tambien, buy as much Nintendo stock as you can and sell it the night before the 3DS is released. Unless there is a law against insider trading via time travel, then just don't get caught. If you follow my advice, you will never feed breakfast to Dennis Rader in his cell at the El Dorado Correctional Facility, but it was remarkably uninteresting. However, you can use it as an icebreaker with strangers nevertheless. Tell people he was polite.


As a high school senior I was really ready to get out in the "grown-up" world. But at the same time I was really worried about my transition into college and what college life would be like. There is alot of small little things I worried about. If I were to go back in time I would tell myself to stop worrying about all the small things that don't matter. I would assure myself that I had made the best choice in going to Emporia State University, and that the experience would be the best thing I could imagine. I would also advise myself that the "grown-up" world is not all it is cracked up to be and enjoy the time I had left as a high school senior.


To better prepare students for college, high schools should promote better study and learning habits, present students with more opportunities to experience real world jobs and application, and promote genuine learning and the retention of that learned material. Too often, students enter college and become overwhelmed by the work load that they encounter. They fall victim to copious amounts of stress, leading to anxiety. In addition, upon entering college and beginning the course work, students often change their major. This is because the student’s ideas and expectations for specific classes and majors do not match up with the reality of those classes and majors. Finally, in college, students are expected to not only retain the information that they learn, but also apply it, since the learned material will be essential for their desired career. However, in high-school, class work often become a series of memorization of information that is later forgotten. Until the system is adjusted, the transition will not be easy. Take as many college classes as you can while in high-school, experiance as much as you can, and enjoy those four short years.


Know who are and who you want to become. Take risks and have fun, but remember that every decision has consequences. Think about how the choices you make today affect tomorrow, next year, or twenty years from now. Surround yourself with good people: friends who will better you, challenge you, and encourage you. Surround yourself with people who bring you closer to your dreams, not just people who are looking for a good time. Stand your ground on important issues. The people who made you feel stupid for your ideals will not matter in five years; so don't give them the time of day. Take the time to get to know people, and learn their story. Many people are simply misunderstood. The most unlikely people will become your friends if you are willing to listen, to learn. And don't be afraid to share your story either. Learn to trust people every now and then. Most importantly, learn to trust yourself and know that failing and failure are two completely different things. Get back up. Try again. Work Hard. Believe in others and believe in yourself. You can achieve whatevery you set your mind to.


Stick with school!! It will be worth it in the long run!!


It will be okay that you are not sure what you are wanting to do in life, one day you will decide and accomplish great things. Find the passion you once had for basketball and take it with you to your next team. Start your college career with a clean slate and spend money wisely. Attend all of your classes and dont be afraid to ask questions, otherwise you will fail. In the hardest of your times don't be afraid to ask your parents for help, so your problems do not become worse. People are there for you, you just dont know it yet, especially your family. You will make friends that are going to stab you in the back, but stay positive and put your anger towards you school work, not each other. Most importantly you are going to make mistakes, but used them as learning experience because you do not know what the future has in store for you. You have a plan, someday you will find it.


Do not be afraid of rejection or embarassment. You have nothing to prove to anyone and if you don't beat those feelings now, you will miss out on everything. Money is not the most important thing right now. It feels good to be stable, but working extra and uneccessary hours will consume you and before you know it you will have missed absolutely everything. Stop looking ahead and appreciate what is now. You can't focus on all of the negative things and put all of your efforts into changing them. If you do this you will look back and wish you could do it over, live in those moments again. Never take friendship for granted and spend more time with your family. Just be a young college student and have fun while you can instead of spending your freedom trying to play grown up. More importantly than all of these things: GO TO CLASS and DO WHAT YOU LOVE! Or you will miss out on expanding your knowledge and hate yourself for not being bold enough to just go for it.


I would tell myself to actually put myself out there way more and join in more organized groups because that's the best way to make friends and get involved.


I would tell myself to not give up when my classes started to get hard. High school isn't all there is to life, and even though we do the best we can college is not the same. I would tell myself to grow up and just ask for help when I got confused. Teachers are there to help us learn, but they are not able to help when you do not ask. I also would tell myself to not worry so much about how shy I was. Instead of worrying about making friends in the future, I would remind myself to spend time with my high school friends. Along with all of this, I would tell myself to enjoy my senior year even more.


If I could go back and give myself advice when I was a high school senior I would be telling myself that the people you keep in your environment can have impacts on how confident you are in yourself and your future. It’s okay to be selective about who you spend your time with. It will be okay that one minute you will feel like a queen of the world and later that day you will feel completely defeated. As quickly as these emotions come they will leave you as well. It’s invaluable to learn that your defeats are lessons and they don’t make who you are, that is something I wish would have realized. Don’t wait, you’re good enough already. If I knew the struggle I would be having now being a “non-traditional student”, single parent and having to work and go to school I would tell myself to stop underestimating my talents, I hadn’t even begun to even realize that talents I have. Trust your instinct. When you don’t have anything else, no sleep, no book, no friends, you will have your instincts.


Often times I find myself deep in my own thoughts. I think about the things I know now that I would have given a million bucks to know at this exact time two years ago. I would tell my high school self to slow down, to take it all in, enjoy the time I had at home with my friends and family. So many times I told myself "I can't wait to get out of here". Now, I find myself wishing for a weekend at home. More importantly, I would tell myself to stop trying so hard to impress everyone, just "be you" I would say. I would put back those pair of shoes that I just had to have and think about all the groceries I could by in the future with that extra money. In all honesty, I would love to change these things and many more, but the fact that I can't makes it that much sweeter to me. These are life lessons that have helped shape and fine tune the person that I have become. All those things left unchanged are what made me who I am and for that, I am thankful.


I would simply say that I would remind myself that college is a chance to start over and be true to yourself, regardless of where you go. At the same time, remember who you are and don't let anyone change that; you are the only person in your life that you have to please.


To whom it may concern, If I could go back I would have tried harder in general education classes even the boring ones like college algebra. I would also suggest getting involved sooner than waiting till you make friends. Also take advantage of the free events on campus even the cultural ones. College is the time to learn about you so take advantage of every opportunity. Also find out if your major will allow you to have overseas opportunity. I would have found the library sooner and suggest picking a night one day a week and reserving a study room. This is beneficial to getting your homework done. As you work on transferring into college life take advantage of your moms home cooked meals by purchasing freezer bowls. Also a great life fact you may move into the dorm with your best friend. Don’t be mad when you find out that you are better friends than roommates. Thank you for considering my application. Jenna Kinnett


I would have told myself to save as much money as I could. Don't buy anything that you don't absolutely need. I have faced some really tough times during college because living on your own is expensive. You have to pay for absolutely everything and it is not cheap. Even with a roommate, the cost of living is high. Having to worry about whether or not you are going to be able to pay your rent is extremely stressful. It makes focusing on schoolwork hard because you are working, what seems like forever, just to be able to keep up with the bills. The other thing I would tell myself is to become more involved in the school. When you are involved you will make more friends and the college experience is so much more fun. It is nice to be able to take a break and just relax for a few minutes with some great people. You never know when you will need someone to talk to or help you with some homework.


I would tell myself to trust the system and enjoy myself. I would congratulate myself for graduating and getting into college with straights As.


First of all, don't worry about the transition. College is great and you'll love it. Be outgoing and get involved; you'll make friends easily and have a lot of fun doing it. Everyone says that, but it is really good advice. You won't regret any chances you take or any friends you make. Go out of your way to be nice to people. Be outgoing, try new things. Worst case scenario, you discover you don't like something, and you move on. College is all about trying new things, discovering who you are, and making new friends. Enjoy yourself, but don't forget to work hard. Whatever you do, don't hide out in your room. College is one of the best parts of your life, live it! That being said, don't overload. You can only participate in so many things before you get overscheduled. Also, as attractive as procrastination may seem, in the long run life is way less stressful if you get assignments done ahead of time, rather than at 3 in the morning the day they're due. Most of all, remember to enjoy yourself and live life to the fullest.


Take some time during your senior year to find everything you think you're passionate about. Right now, you feel like you can do anything (and believe me, you can), but it's smart to tinker in the interests, hobbies, and even careers that you think you'll enjoy. Shadow an orthodontist (since you want to pursue a major in Biomedical Sciences), a publisher and editor (for that Creative Writing degree you tried), a college theatre director (yep, you tried a theatre major, too), and a business professional of some sort (as boring as it sounds, you might find you like it). While I'd never say that I regret all of the degree changes I made, it certainly could have saved some time to do a bit more searching in high school. Good luck! Keep up the good work!


When deciding on a school, choose one that will make you feel at home and welcome. A large part of your education and success will depend on if you are meeting all of your needs. Don't choose a school just because it is close to home or one your best friend is attending. Choose a school that fits you . This will lessen the chances that you will have to transfer. VIsit all of the schools that you can see yourself at and take every opportnity to ask questions and find out what they're really about. It helps to sit in on lectures to see if it appeals to you. Choose the school that you want to go to, in the end you will be very happy.


After my first semester as a college freshman, I learned that my study skills and strategies I learned in high school were not sufficient to be a successful student. I quickly learned that studying, in addition to doing the homework and listening to the lecture, is the key to success and telling myself that earlier on could have helped greatly. I found myself frequently needing to put in extra time for studying and having to make sure I understood the many different concepts. I would encourage myself to study at least two or three hours for every hour I spend in class. Looking back I wish I knew that every instructor had a unique teaching style. I would explain that some instructors teach from the lectures and others from the book and the ability to discern between teaching methods is the one of the fastest ways to succeed in an education. If I could tell myself to improve my study habits, to study outside of class, and learn how to differentiate between teaching methods, it could have increased my success greatly.


Dear senior self, When you are in the decision making process for choosing a school to attend, do not count any school out right away, and do not just go to the first school you visit. Choosing a school is a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. Although it can be overwhelming at times, it is a decision that you do not want to rush into. Go visit a variety of campuses and if there is a school that does not give you a positive gut feeling, do not go there. This is a decision you need to make for yourself. No one else can decide what makes you happy, or what environment you learn best in. You are the only person who truly knows and understands yourself, so it is up to you to make this choice. There is a school out there that is everything you want, but if you do not look hard for it, you may never find it. If you put the time and energy into deciding where to go now, you will reap the benefits for later years to come. Sincerely, Graduated Self


If I could advise my senior-self I would rearrange my class scheudle. I wish I would have taken more college now classes so I would have more of the general requirements completed and be closer to start taking classes that actually apply to the field I want to study. I would also advise myself to study more than I did and tell myself it really does matter what you do this year and more so the closer you get to graduating. I would also advise myself to have looked at more scholarships. College is expensive and money does not grow on trees. I would also tell myself to quite freaking out about my roomate too... turns out she is very nice and easy to live with.


Document the things that you do in high school, these are the memories that you will look back on later in life. Never forget to tell your friends how much they mean to you because one day you may need them. My number one advice that I could have given to myself is to step outside of my comfort zone while you feel like you are in a safe enviornment because once you are in college there are many things that are going to stretch and even exceed the limits of your comfort zone. Have fun and take the opportunities given, because you never know if you are going to regret something that you didn't do, whether it was because you didnt want to step out of your comfort zone or just as simple as not doing something because you didn't know anyone. Meet as many people as you can and take the chances to make a change. Don't regret your college experience.


I would go to Emporia State as soon as I graduated high school. I would also tell myself to try harder in on my ACT and final classes in high school. I am happy that I have found the school I am happiest but I wish I would have been able to spend more time here.


As a high school senior I was tied down by a boy that treated my like trash. I entered college in a terrible relationship that made me feel bad about myself and prevented me from really experiencing college and making new friends. I was so focused on making him happy that I lost sight of my own happiness. I am no longer with the boy that made me feel worthless and I am still recovering from the damage. If I could tell myself anything as a high school senior it would be to stay single and focus on school, God, friends, and family. I would do it all over again and enter college as a happy, confident, sinlge girl. I am happy where I am now, but it would save me a lot of tears and heartbreak. Mean boys are not worth my suffering.


If I could go back, I would tell myself as a high school senior, " Look I understand having fun and a good time with friends are your priorities right now, but that needs to change. College is great, but finacially it's a killer. I need you to focus more on school and forget about all the other minor stuff. It's good to have fun, but you're about to enter a whole new world. This world is challenging, you gain new experiences and it's going to make you a stronger person. But when hard times hit, you're going to wonder why it happens to you. So this is what i need you to do : talk to your teachers, take their advice and stop putting so much energy into hanging out with friends; half of them if not all, you will no longer talk to in the future. Look high school is the last days where you will get this much sleep and have this much free time on your hands, so use it wisely and do something that's going to make an impact on your future career" Good luck


I do not have very many regrets when it comes to what I have done after high school. I have enjoyed life, met new people, and traveled to many different places. The one tip I would give myself is to learn more about how credit ratings work and to pay my bills on time. I moved away from my parents at 17, when I graduated high school, and I did not know how important it would be later on to have a good credit rating. When I turned 18 I started to get credit card offers, I viewed it as getting free money at that moment and I figured I could pay them back later. I think that personal finance should be a required class for all high school seniors. I was not financially responsible when I moved out on my own and it has taken a lot of hard work and commitment to get myself back on track. I have luckily dug myself out of debt on my own but I know a lot of people that have not been that lucky.


I would tell myself to try new oppurtunities and meet new friends. I would make sure to tell myself not to be afraid of going new places because that is the only way to meet new people that can change your life in a positive way. I would also tell myself to make sure to have studies be your number one focus or you will fall behind quickly.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell her to never give up on a dream just because things get difficult. Now I know how hard it is to stay motivated in college, especially when everything you though you knew in high school is wrong. In high school, I thought t you just had to pay attention in class and do your homework to do well in school. In college is different because classes are more complicated, thus they require more work. The worst part is when you get a bad grade because you feel disappointed in you, and it is hard to get your motivation back. College is different because you need more help, and there is nothing wrong about that. I would tell my high school senior self: “Do not ever give up on your dream, even when you feel like you are not smart enough, you are, and most importantly you want it badly enough. Just rely on your family and friends and ask for help whenever you need it. Do your best and strive to do better, and you’ll be amazed with the results”.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about what I know now, I would tell myself not to fret. College is just another stepping stone in the road, so enjoy it! Also, I would make it known to myself that it is okay to apply to different universities. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and that I would go to ESU, but knowing other schools out there with great education programs would have been great knowledge to have for say, Master's programs. Also, I would tell myself to step outside of the box and allow to let people in and to make new friends. It's okay to hold onto old friends, but the new ones you make while in college make a lasting impression. Lastly, I would tell myself to smile. Smile and realize that everything that I have been working for since Kindergarden is finally here and that now is the time to embrace the change!


If I could go back in time and talk to my self as a high senior, I would tell her to go straight to a four year college. Have the confidence and believe in yourself. Have the passion to succeed. I wish I had gone to college right after graduating high school. I would have been done by now. I did gain a good amount of experience working for four years and was able to save money for college. I think it is still not late.


Get some confidence! Don't be afraid of what anyone is thinking or saying about it. You are the one that is going to have to live with your decisions, not them. Just go for it!


I would tell myself to not stress about college as much. I would say that the people and teachers involved with the school are generally helpful and that I should not worry about it as much.


I read this question and immediatley had a response. While attending Emporia State, I have learned and grown so much as an individual. This school has provided me with the best oppourtunities to gain knowledge in acedemics and life. And when I was stuggling with depression and life obstacles, this school was there to help. In high school, I never put my best forward and I worried way to much, and what should of been taken seriously, wasn't. Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to relax. This school has your back in anything you struggle with. I would tell myself to take acedemics seriously and pay attention to your mistakes and the choices you make, for its the aftermath that helps you grow. I would also tell myself to have more confidence, because everyone on campus including the professors are very influcencial and inspiring people. Confidence is key to success in anything you choose.


If I could give myself any advice as a high school senior I would tell myself to start appliying for scholarships! As we all know college can get very expensive and every extra dollar makes a difference. I kept putting it off everytime my parents encouraged me to start applying. Now that I have got excepted to The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California I am now struggling with how to pay for school. My student loans are stacking up as we speak. Now I'm a college freshman who knows what college is perfect for her dream career, but has no way to pay for it. Scholarships are a blessing! I wish I would have understood that in high school.


If there are a couple things that I could tell me high school self as a senior one of the most important things would be to cherish the friends that you have. As we grow up and go to colelge and look back on our highschool life, we realize that maybe some fight or disagreement that we had with a friend may not have been as big of a deal as you thought it was. Another thing that I would tell myself is to focus. I spent a lot of my highschool time not really focusing on my school work and understanding that this is important if you want to go to college and succeed. The last thing that I would tell myself is to gain some expeirence. Whether it be in jobs, internships or networking, find a way to gain some contacts that could help you as refrences for the future and also help to build up your resume. I think that I have learned a lot since I graduated and since I cannot go back and tell myself, I will make sure that I tell my children in the future how important high school really is.


Wesley, hello from the future. Now is the time to start getting serious about your academic future. Think! man, Think!, what are you doing? The time to stop partying is now, your future is at stake. One day you will wake up to reality and find yourself in no man’s land if you don’t get your act together. Buckle down, get serious and work hard on your school work. The grades you earn now will affect you later. College is tougher than you think and you will have to put 125{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} work ethic into your studies if you are to succeed. I know math and science aren’t fun, but they are mandatory in almost every degree you will work toward. You will have a most wonderful family later and with the education you earn now, you will push yourself toward financial security, which is a major goal. Dedicate your time to do the best you can in all of your classes and when you get to college take what is required, don’t waste your classes. Have fun, but do it responsibly. Remember alcohol and drugs will be a strong peer pressure test, don’t fail!


Having a good floor program is good in that you can become friends with everyone there. The academics are hard, but not in the workload just the studying. Doing your homework as soon as you get back from classes is also very helpful. Also getting involved in activities or going to different programs can also help you find new friends and help with maybe discovering your major. Asking teachers for help after class is a good way to get on their good side. Not skipping classes also can help with good grades and less stress. Study for test at least a week in advance or more so that you are not overwhelmed. Partying on the weekends is fine as long as you get your homework done. Going out on weekdays is not ok. The cafeteria does not always have good choices but you always have to be aware of the choices you are making. An easy way to be healthy is to not eat out a lot and to get healthier food for your dorm room. I would suggest starting a budget and writing down all the money you spend each week


You know what you're doing. Don't doubt yourself. Maybe doubt your major though, don't think that you for sure know what you want to do right now. You don't. Allow yourself to grow and don't feel so guilty about wondering what you want to do with your life. You'll figure it out eventually. Depend only on yourself, you know that you're always working in your best interests, whereas everyone else may not be. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward with your life.


Making the transition will be difficult task. You will be exposed to many things and experisnces that you have never been exposed to before. That being said it'll one of the greatest learning experiences of your life. Not only about the subject matter of your classes, but also about yourself as a person. Go into college with the full expectation that you are going to enjoy it, because it's important to look forward to it. But also know that you will have to dedicate much of your time to studies. A major portion of the college experience is experiencing new things. Don't shy away or be afraid of foriegn situations. Jump into them completely, and dedicate yourself to them. In doing this I believe that you will not only become a better student, but also enjoy your precious time at college more. This will also teach you much about youself which is very important. One last major bit of advice is the college has many resources. From expert professors to state of the art science epuipment. Use all of them to their fullest. They are there for you your use and can inhance your college experience greatly.


The first thing I would advice myself is to keep up with my school work since the first day of classes. School work is challenging and takes a lot of time. Although there may be times where school seems to be going okay, skipping one day of studying can easily throw myself off track with my grades. I would also advice myself to apply to as many scholarships as I can. Although tuition is not as expensive as most schools, the money is still hard to earn therefore applying to scholarshisp will hopefully help with the stress. Lastly, I would advice myself to join sports and more clubs. Emporia state offers great sports and clubs, take advantage of this and get involved because it can bring up great opportunities for the future.


I attended Anderson County High School in Garnett, Kansas. Knowing what I know now about college life and the way it works, I would have quite a bit of advice for myself in high school, that would make the transition much smoother. The first bit of advice that I would give myself would be to improve my study and organizational habits. In high school I did not need to study nearly as much as I do here. This led to sloppy notes and even a few late assignments. Emporia State has taught me how to become more organized, and as a result I am in much better control of my studies. I no longer have to scrounge through a notebook looking for notes, or worry about an assignment that may or may not be due. The second tip I would give myself would be to take the final exams. The finals were optional in high school to students who had a 4.0 gpa and missed less than 3 days of school. Because of this I never had to take any finals, so getting here I had no idea what to expect my first semester.


Hello future college self! I know you are nervous to see what’s in store but I’m here to tell you to let the nervousness go and be excited! College is the best time of your life, hands down. You are going to meet so many different and unique people, who will be your friends. You will have that awkward roommate, you will have many “firsts”, and you will have encounters throughout that make you wish you never came to college. But you know what? Instead of worrying about the perfect situation that doesn’t exist like in the movies, embrace it. College will be a time to learn about the world and learn about you at the same time. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there and step outside of your comfort zone. Many people are feeling the same way you are and the first step is to get involved. Join clubs, go to trivia night, and eat out at 3:00 in the morning, and you will make friendships that will last a lifetime. Regrets are about the opportunities that you didn’t take but wish you would have, so live it up fearlessly.


Jumping in a time machine to head back to a small town hemmed in by the ocean coastline, and tucked away in the towering sequoia forests of Northern California, I would head to a small school known as McKinleyville High. A school that grappled with the defining phrase posted on a city welcome sign saying, "where horses have the right of way." I would approach that scared, young, inexperienced man who lacked, what would be considered to most as, common knowledge. While in no way would I attempt to alter his course of experiences that would ensue working with homeless kids in an unpredictable and exuberating life, or living amongst a nomadic tribe in the scorching desert of Niger, Africa, or even teaching English in the French Alps in the highest elevated city in Europe. No, although these life exposures took time away from a formal education, they enhanced his life education. But one thing I would tell him is, "life is short, and before you know it, you will be an old man. While taking courses of interest can satisfy curiosity, keep life's bigger picture in perspective. Focus, specialize and become an expert in your field of choice."


Whenever you do not feel you are in the right place at the right time, the only thing you can do is to change the place. Change it! Your current circumstance is entirely up to you, and even though you have an adviser or mentor that wants you to do this or that, you must remember to stay focused on what you truly want. Be respectful and listen to whatever they have to tell you, but turn right around and do what you want and not what they necessarily want, because the only way you will ever accomplish something is if you really want to do it. With that in mind, find something admirable and useful to do with your life, something that will have an impact on others, because the passion to be concerned with people's lives is everlasting, but the passion for objects is only temporal. Lastly, seek advice from somebody who has spent their life studying ethics and morals because they will have the best way to explain how to be righteous and upstanding throughout your life; the world is full of dark alleys that do not need to be traversed, epecially during college.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to rush into the choice of picking a college and to respect my parents wishes. I would advise that I start off at a university in town or even at a community college to get my basics. It's not always the best idea to go away for college and it depends on the person. I would tell myself that I should make sure I have all the scholarships I would need and stay on top of my deadlines. I would stress all these topics as well as advise that I take school very seriously.


If I was granted the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to enjoy my high school years more and not rush through everything. I would tell myself that life will get immensely more complicated and stressful as I continue into higher education, so I should cherish my high school years. I would also advise my younger self to try to be more financially prepared for the expense of higher education. There is not much about my high school experience that I would change – I learned a lot throughout my experiences, but being more prepared for what comes next is always a challenge.


If I could go back into time and talk to my high school senior self, knowing what I do know, I would advise myself not to think I am queen bee because I turned 18. I would tell myself not to move out of my dad house intill I graduated high school. I would advise myself to get a job and save up $5,681for year one of tution at Cambrdige Jr. College. I would also tell myself to save up $4,000 for 6 months of rent or so and to move to Marysville,California and meet my mothers side of the family. I would also tell myself to keep an open mind to the world around me and to relax and enjoy life a little because work and school are not the only important things in life.


To go back in time and advice my previous self what to expect in the future. I would say Kristen don't be afraid to take more risks in life. Instead of attending a two year college, go to a four year college out of state. This way you can experience a different culture of people and environment. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are made everyday and I continue to make them even today but so what! Networking is key in the survival of college life. You need to know different people in order to get help, in order to attain more knowledge, and to have fun because life isn't all about studying. I would tell myself to be more abstinent and not let a relationship dictate who I am as a person. Self be more open to experiences like volunteer work in the community. Don't just sit home and look at television all day and not study because you are just wasting brain cells. It's so important to be yourself but also be better than yourself. Set goals and stick to them because this will build the foundation of your life.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself how important it is to graduation from high school. Because I did not graduation form school I did go back and got my GED. Now to day I feel I have waste a lot of time. I am now 33 year on with two kids gone back to school and it is hard two works take care of two kids and go to school. I would also tell myself to have kids after you finish college. Try your hardest in high school and take all the pre-college class you can in high school. although art is your passion explore other options because there is so much you can do even if you do not like done it try it you may just be surprise and enjoy your last year of school.