Emporia State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Go on as many college visits as you can to get the feel of the schools you are considering. Have fun, you are only in college once!


The advice I would give about college choices and making the most of the college experience is to take advantage of every opportunity that is given to you. If you have the abilities, the drive, the stamina, and the passion to go after your dreams and ambitions, TAKE IT. LET NOTHING AND NOBODY STOP YOU. So many people regret not following their dreams, and as a result are playing the "What If" game. They're unhappy with their current lives so they wonder "WHAT IF I had went to the college that I really wanted to go to but didnt because my dad wanted me to go to his alma mater?" or "WHAT IF I had majored in pre-med even though everybody told me to just play it safe and not get my hopes up ?". Refuse to let other people's own shortcomings, failures and insecurities place a bleak outlook on your life. I was at a leadership conference last month and something one of the speakers said stuck with me. He said sometimes when you really want something, yu have to act ugly to get it. Why? Because ugly people have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Visit the college! When first embarking on your college experience you should visit as many colleges as you can. A college visit will not only give you a feel for the college but it will allow you to check out the dorms, class sizes, extra curricular activities, etc. And hey, you never know when you will run into that first cute classmate? why not start early! After choosing a college it is important to remember one thing: make wise choices. Yes, that toga party on Tuesday night sounds fun but studying for your Wednesday morning 8:00 AM Calc test is probably more important. On the other hand, it?s a big world out there- don?t trap yourself in your dorm room- meet as many people as you can, join some activities and enjoy your college experience.


First and foremost choose a school that not only offers the classes you want but is the size that's comfortable. Some college campus are huge and may be overwhelming. Also, when starting college get involved with groups. It helps to get to know other students and make friends you'll have for life. Get to know your advisor well. They are there to help so feel free to sit and visit with them.


Go to the school that would best suit your needs and your social standing. I know your not going to college to party, but nobody should go through college without friends.


When your looking for a college, make sure that it has few distractions. I originally wanted to go to a big school like, KU (Kansas State University); but i'm glad I went to Emporia. A few of my friends did bad their freshman years at bigger schools, and the class size's were overwhelming. At Emporia however, the class sizes were small; and I could personally get to know my proffessors. Another important issue is the price of admission. With the economic bind were in, paying for college could seem nearlly impossible without finacial help from outside sources. I would personally suggest that a student go to a 2 year community college first, and then transfer to a bigger institution. Its cheaper, and it helps east the transistion into college life. Its really something I would have considered doing 3 years ago.


If you want your child to succeed and learn more than they have ever before then college is the best place to do it.


Pick a school that seems about the right size for you and about the right distance from home. I would say that you will probably fall in love with any school you choose to attend, so just think about the small things when deciding.


I advise all parents and/or students to get up and go around to several colleges to get a feel for each individual scene. Meet the people, talk to teachers, stay for a weekend to see what people do for fun. It is all about finding a home away from home. You want to feel comfortable yet , make it challenging. First, think about how big of a college you want to attend, then ask yourself what you want to gain from college. Just keep your options open and do not be afaid to go with your gut instinct. That is what I did and I could not be more happy with my choice of college! It is just the right size and I as soon as I visited, I felt a new, exciting beginning ... to life.


Finding a college is about finding what best suits the student, not the parent. Remember to let your child always have a say in what their future will be. There are several ways of paying for college, so I believe campus atmosphere, class size, and on-campus resources should be more important. Never be afraid of applying to your dream school because you never know what they might offer in return. The deciding factor for me when choosing ESU, was the campus tour because I went during their homecoming weekend. I got a glimpse of campus life, city involvement as well as being able to converse with the professors. So, when choosing a school make sure it is the one that you feel most comfortable with when you tour it's campus. My last piece of advice would be that you should live in the dorms at least a semester because it is the best way to meet people and get involved in everything. College is where you make life changing decisions and meet lifetime friends.


My advice to parents and students looking for the right college is to take many college visits to get the feel of each place. Some universities look good on paper, but in person it may be a different story. Also, I would say not to stress much about what college accepts you. Unless you need the particular prestige conveyed on you by a certain college, all institutions strive to make you succeed. Of course, some major programs aren't as up to par as others, but all in all, you make your college experience what it is. Its up to you to make the best out of the cafeteria food, to find your niche of friends, to become involved in campus groups, and to make the right choices in general. So, to get the most of the college experience, find some kind of balance between social and academic life. Be involved, but don't forget your studies. What good is sitting alone in your dorm room when lifelong friends can be made here?And what good is all that money spent on tuition if you don't get a degree in the end? This opportunity comes just once. Embrace it.


Make sure your child is happy at that school. Schools offer many ways to get to know people before they actully attend the university.


find a cheap school if you dont have a major.


If I could I would tell all parents and students looking for a college to weigh all of there options. Students if you are afraid of being away from home, find a college that is close enough but that is far enough away to have your freedom. Parents try and be open minded with your student and visit lots of colleges and find what you like and dis like about them. Pro and Con it out until you have both come to a conclusion that is an agreement. It should be a fun and exciting experience. Try and not argue about it with your student, and dont put pressure on them for a certain college, and students keep an open mind with your parents.


Do not listen to coaches or anyone offering you any type of deal or scholarship because you will NOT be happy! Trust me I learned, after making the worst mistake possible and going to Avila my first year I knew that I needed to pick a school that I wanted to go to. I needed to pick one that met my needs. That's why I ended up here at Emporia. I picked it because the community is so supportive. The town is small and not so busy. There is no fear of walking outside alone, and people here are so friendly. Make sure you meet some of the teachers and administators before also, because it makes a big difference. When the teachers care, it makes you care and you will actually learn. Pick a school that has your major and what your interested in. Also finally make sure that the school has a good reputation so you are more likely to get a job right out of school.


i would tell parents and students to research the college and get involed in either sports or some kind campus activity


I would suggest that the parents stay as far away from the decision of finding the right college as possible. Students are trying to find a place where they feel comfortable and where they will get the best college experience and sometimes parents have too much of an influence on that decison. The only person who knows where they belong is the student. I would suggest to students to look for a school that looks high-spirited and full of energy. You want to be in a place where you will be pushed to make decisions that involve risks and shape the person that you will become someday. Find a school where you can get involved with clubs or organizations that spark your interest. Think carefully about things like class size, and how far you will have to walk to class every day because those things are very important. Overall choose a school that will help you evolve into someone intelligent, social, and involved.


Visit the college more than once, before deciding where your going to attend. Also talk to some of the students there (not the ones giving tours), because alot of times they will tell you other things that the tourguides won't.


Cut back on messing around such as distractions and keep focused on school and graduating.


Have an idea of what you're interested in doing once you are out of college. This will help you chose which school is right for you based on their reputation! You don't necessarily have to stick with that choice after you're out of college; you can always go back to school!


To really make the most of your college experience, know what you are wanting out of a college and take your time exploring the differences between them all. Talk with the students and faculty and visit not only with a guide, but on your own with students in their natural settings. Once you are on campus ready to go, make sure you become involved in some campus clubs or community activities. That is the best way to make friends, become involved, and make your college years worth remembering. And always remember that everyday starts with a choice. It's your life, you are on your own, make the best of it, enjoy it.


I would advise parents to have their kids go to a community college first before attending a four year institution. This will save money and make sure that the student knows what they would like to do with their life. Parents should also help out with their child as much as they can! Cosigning on an application is a blessing and parents should really believe in their child's potential!