Emporia State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How much it would cost.


To do the required elementary education test ahead of time.


I wish I had known that even though Emporia is relatively small, that's never really a problem. There are enough people that you don't know everyone you see, but it's still small enough that you see people you know around pretty often. Also, ESU has serious school spirit, and there's always fun and interesting things to do. Emporia's students are, for the most part, pretty friendly. I think ESU is perfect.


Before starting college I wish I had known that it is very important to ask professors for help and continue to discuss imformation with the professors. to help improve the understanding of the material in class as well as to develope a relationship between the professsors and yourself, because later when applying for scholarships and on campus jobs a letter of recommendation letter from faculty is required. this would have helped me because I didn't develope that relationship and now have a hard time finding someone who can honestly write a letter of recommendation for me.


Before I came to Emporia State University, I wish I had known the required general education courses so I could have taken them somewhere else, like at the community college in the same town, while I was working full-time at the time. I also could have taken them online, which could work better with my work schedule. I wish I had known that too. I also did not know that there were sufficient funding support available for almost anyone. I was scared of going to a four year college because I did not know that.


I wish that I would have know where to find information without having to search all over the school for it.


That it's sometimes hard to find something to do on a Friday and Saturday night. It's not a party school, so don't expect it to be. It doesn't have as many majors as other schools might have so only come here if you know that what you want is offered here.


Before I came to Emporia State University, I wish I knew how easy it was to communicate with professors and that when they mean that they care about you, they care. I remember telling myself that professors and surrounding students do their own thing, but in reality, they engaged me in just as much activities as anyone else. It was really a surprise. Anytime I had a question, I knew I could rely on my classmates or professor to help me out anytime of the day. It definitely made me feel welcome and enjoy class even more.


I wish I had realized that a lot of people who attend school here are close to home, which means a lot of people go home each weekend. That can make it a bit boring when I stay, but I can get caught up on school work or start some fun with the other people who stayed.


I wish I would have known about applying for as many scholarships as possible so that at the end I will not end up paying for college for years after I gratuate. I also wish I would of known to take as many college classes as I could in high school to cut down on the amount I am paying at a university and to get as many general education classes out of the way so that I could finish college a little sooner.


Before attending college, I wish I would have known how to balance my finances between school needs, tuition, leisure activities, etc. I believe that going to college anywhere is a financial struggle for most students. I wish I would have known how to prepare for each school year better than the last.


I wish I had known about the leadership minor! It is a fantastic program that few schools offer. My freshman year was the pilot year, so it had not been heavily promoted yet. Other than that, all the information I needed was right at my fingertips. Whether I went online, dialed the phone, or grabbed my car keys for a roadtrip, staff here at ESU were ready and able to help me in any and every way. I felt quite comfortable stepping on to the campus for the first time as a student.


Actually it was an easy transition from high school into Emporia State. The people are really great which made it easy.


How much homework really affected my grade.


I knew a lot about school befor i came. i was very well prepard!




I wish I had known someone else that was coming to this school with me. My housing arrangement was awful my first year and it made it very hard to make friends.


That the classes have started getting bigger, I liked the size they were last year.


I wish I would have known how much work it is to graduate in my field. I wouln't have gone to a community college first; I would have just come straight to ESU.


I wish I had known that coming here would be a repeat of high school and that there are not higher expectations for us. We are not pushed to further ourselves and learn as much as I expected a college to do.


That I actually need to save money because finaid will not always help you.