Emporia State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The flexibilty of scheduling.


I called around to a few Universities here in Kansas. The first couple couple large universities I contacted I was constantly transferred from one student to another in several different departments. The first time I called Emporia State University I was speaking to knowledgeable staff and even a department head! It was a hometown feel that I had. After I ended my first call with Emporia State University I knew this is where I wanted to go.


The best thing about ESU is the care given to the students. You never have to worry about asking for help. It is simply given. There is always access to the things you may need. I have not felt out of place or alone once in my entire experience at ESU.


The atmosphere; it is extremely positive and supportive regardless of what you are involved in!


it is small and you will get known


My school is a small community with a great sense of spririt and pride which helps keep everyone motivated for success.


The people. Anywhere you go, your happiness will rely on the people that are in your life.


The best thing about Emporia State is that the class size fits my needs. I like to be able to go to my teacher and know that they know who I am instead of having a large class.


The best thing at my school is the campus size. It is not very big and you can get anywhere on the campus in about 10mins. It is very nice for passing periods and getting to classes on time. It is very easy to find the buildings.


The best thing about Empoia State University are the professors. All of the professors that I have had are all very caring and interested in your well-being. They take an interest in your education, unlike at some larger Universities where it seems like they could care less. Here they are fully engaged and have invested their time in your education, to give you the best chance to succeed.


I absolutely love the size of this school. It's big enough that there aren't any "missing" resources and there are plenty of extracurricular things to do. It's not so big that you get lost though. Sure, you can sit in your dorm and ignore everyone, but almost every class is small enough that the teacher will know you by name. It also only takes about 10 minutes to walk across campus.


I think the teaching program in this school is the best thing about it. The teaching program is ranked in the top five in the nation so if you are going to major in education this is a best place to go to.


Emporia State University is a great school because of the small classes and one-on-one time you get with the professors. Also, it feels like a community when you are on campus. Everyone knows someone and it feels like a family.


Emporia State is a great school. Probably the best thing about the school is the active community. They are involved in the campus and great fans of the different athletics. Another great thing is the class sizes and being able to really get to know your teachers.


The best thing about my school is the size and the people. ESU is not too big where you get lost in the crowd, but it's also not too little to where you come in contact with the same people all the time. Also the people I have met while attending this school have made a profound impact on my life. Never have I been allowed to connect with such a diverse group of people ithis strongly in such a short amount of time. Coming to this school gave me that opportunity.


The community is the best thing about Emporia. You always feel at home here and the professors are excellent at making you feel wanted.