Endicott College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I attend a very upbeat school on a beautiful campus.


Endicott College is quiet and comfortable, with a beautiful campus and helpful professors.


Endicott College is a close-knit community and a strong insitituion that will help me achieve academic, personal, and professional success.


My school is small and closely interconnected but also pushes for the students to gain a lot of educational and hands-on experience outside of the normal standards.


Endicott College is one of the most welcoming schools around the New England Area and arguably one of the most welcoming schools in America. It feels like such a small school by eye, but when your a student, it could feel like a big University at times.


A fun place to learn and grow but make sure it doesn't change who you are


A small, uneventful, overwhelmingly white, upper-middle-class college on the North Shore of Mass.


Endicott College does not fit the mold of many other schools. The faculty cares about the students and their futures. Going into college, I was told the most noticable difference between high school and college is that the professors will not care if you pass or fail. That's not the case at Endicott.


My school is beautiful but a bit over crowded. Parking is literally impossible unless you want a ticket.


Filled with rich students that get a lot handed to them from their parents and they all act alike.


This school consists of a welcoming support system of professors as well as a diverse campus of students allowing you to transition into the next chapter of your life smoothly.


Endicott College is home to friendly students, engaging and knowledgeable professors and a world of extra-curricular activites that are able to keep any college student entertained and involved.


Endicott College is a welcoming community of students and faculty members who create an environment conducive to learning in a serene country setting to live, which supports the individual needs of each student academically, socially, emotionally, and athletically.


It is a thriving student campus that allows each person to be themselves while alos being a part of a vibrant student body.


Awesome but too expensive.


Endicott College is a career-focused college that offers an acceptional amount of extra-curricular actitivities, educational majors and minors, and support.


Endicott is a small school of about 2500 students located on a beautiful beach.


Endicott is not only a college, its a family, coming together as one for the success of everyone.


Endicott College is a small, not-so-diverse campus, but it provides an excellent community-based atmosphere for learning and growing as both a student and an individual, particularly in certain academic focus areas (including nursing, interior design, hospitality, and sports management).


A country club for rich kids.