Endicott College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Creative embracement and the development within to express what you love is what this Institute reflects. It is known for its competitive edge of hands on visualization learning. Students are encouraged to make projects that express their mentality as oppose to just reading chapters from books. This school should be the Creative Institute of Art, encouraging love to be a part of our careers. When you love your career there is no room for complains.


Endicott College is best known for its beautiful oceanfront campus. It has a great internship program that helps you decide fast if you want to work in the field you are majoring in. While it has a small campus, it is still big enough so you have plenty of people to meet, lots of things to do, and still have attention from your professors that you need.


It's strong internship program and small size.


My school is best known for their internship program.


Anytime I tell anyone I go to Endicott they comment on the beautiful campus. It seems that this is what it is most known for. The internship program and single parent programs are also receiving a lot of attention from the media.


Internships are required for freshmen, sophomores and semester long for Seniors