Endicott College Top Questions

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Our school, unlike others, is very pretty both in terms of the campus as well as the people that attend the campus.


The most unique features of Endicott are the location and internship program. Endicott is located on the coast of Massachusetts and hosts four private beaches. It is also in a small, quiet town but easily accessible to the bustle of Boston (only 30 minutes away). The internship program is also beneficial to students, requiring students to participate in 120 hour internships during their freshman and sophomore years, and a full semester internship during senior year. It is a good way for students to quickly determine whether their selected major is a good fit.


Endicott provided my desired major (Event Management) as well as my backup major (Education) which was very important to me. I also was impressed with its internship program which encourages you to have an internship even in your first year of college in order to allow you real experience in your desired field. This opportunity ensures that you pick the field that is right for you and also expands your networking.


The major I have is sports management and it was hard to find in a school this size.


Endicott is right on the ocean. The class sizes are small and the faculty is always there to help. There are tutors and other students that can help you if you do not understand things. Endicott sets you up for success!


Beautiful campus, perfect class sizes, close-knit community atmosphere.