Endicott College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Endicott has three beaches just for students, so that's pretty cool.


My school has three private beaches and an all around beautiful campus.


I brag most about my academics, my professors, and my work study job on campus. I absolutely love studying criminal justice, and I feel as though the Criminal Justice Program that Endicott College offers is very impressive. The professors are intelligent, well-training, and good at what they do. They make the material interesting, and it makes me truly enjoy going to their classes. I also like my job on campus, in the Dean and Vice President of the Undergraduate's office. I find the work there exciting but not overwhelming. The people are also enjoyable to work with.


How dedicated my professors are, how beautiful the campus is, how much I love my classes.


When I talk to my friends about Endicott College, the first thing I mention is the beautiful campus and the three beaches located across the street. When it really comes down to it, I tell them about the great people- professors, students, my roomates. My friends are shocked that I know the President of the college on a first name basis. Dr. Wiley holds barbeques for the entire school at his beachfront home in order to encourage and establish a more personal connection with his students, which speaks volumes to me about how much he cares about all of us.


Location - 3 private beaches.


Endicott College offers a terrific School of Hospitality, has a great internship program, and is located in a beautiful location by the beach.


The campus has three private beaches!


3 beaches on campus


Beautiful Campus Internship opportunities Sports Facilities outstanding People I've met


our food sucks and everyone here is always drunk


That the ocean is right across the street from our school. That an expensive and very nice visual and performing arts building is being put in this year. That we have a great auditorium to go to inbetween classes and play piano or other instruments in. That we have a great lodge where you can get food late at night, and that great musicians and artists display their talents here. That the intramural sports are very organized and very fun. That the area surrounding the school is gorgeous, and there are many little shops and restaraunts close by.