Endicott College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Endicott are probably the hills all over campus. I always end up at class out of breath.


The worst thing about this school is the focus on alcohol. There are many individuals who only use alcohol on the weekends and do not know how to have a good time sober.


The worst thing is probably the hills that I have to walk up to get anywhere. They aren't large but they seem so!


Endicott College is a school with amazing opportunities and a facutly and staff that ensures each and every one of it's students that they will be well equipped for success in the real-world after college. Despite these excellent qualities, Endicott College is expensive and it is difficult to afford to come to this school. While many of the students are of the upper middle-class socioeconomic status, those who are not tend to need student loans to cover the gap between the cost of tuition and other expenses and the amount that his or her family can contribute.


The worst thing about Endicott is that it is continually growing. Each class is bigger than the last and the campus is not big enough to house all the new students. The dining services are limited and each new class is around 150 people larger than the last. New buildings are in the process of being planned, but those living facilities will not arrive for a few more years.


I personally do not like the fact that a lot of Endicott College students party and drink alcohol on weekends. It is often difficult to hang out and feel comfortable going to school events, such as dances, because so many students arrive intoxicated. I do not like this because I do not drink alcohol, and I do not like to hang out with people who do. I wish the social life at Endicott was a little different.


At the beginning of the school year, many student activities were put on so that new students could interact with the older students. This helped younger students become more comfortable around one another as well as making many friends. Since the early student activities, there really haven't been any activities. So the many students really only know who they met at the beginning of the year. For such a small school, I feel everyone should be alot closer.


Snobby people


The school is considered a small school with only 2,000 undergraduate students. I personally like the size, but I know many people do not. Because there are so few students, there are not a great amount of dining areas and some things on campus are fairly expensive. Overall, I feel that Endicott needs to expand thier dining menu so students have a broader choice of what they want to eat or where they want to go for thier meal.


The only problem with Endicott is the cost of tuition and housing. Although my family is well off, I have 2 other siblings that have either attended or will be attending college. We have struggled to


I feel the worst thing about this school is it's lack of diversity. I come from a small town in Maine, filled with social cliques of primarily white middle class students. In anticipation of college, I was excited to break outside my comfort zone and become friends with different types of people and learn about different cultures. However, Endicott has less variety in its students than I wanted. I feel an important part of college is to not only be able to learn in classes, but to also learn new things from experiences and the different people you meet.


The worst thing about Endicott College is that the housing selection as of late has been very sub-par. This is due to the rapid influx of students and the lack of space available to accommodate them. Because of this, juniors such as myself have been placed in undesirable housing such as dormitories (sometimes in forced triples) while the norm at other schools is for sophomores to live in appartment-style housing. In these dorm rooms, there is a lack of space as well as a lack of freedom from residence assistants (RAs) and residence directors (RDs).


The worst thing about this school is the lack of parking available to students and faculty members. I honestly can't think of anything else that is so bad that it's worth mentioning. Endicott is great at listening to the needs and wnats of the students, so any issues that may arrise are being dealt with in the best possible way. We get responses from the administration in a timely manner with answers to our concerns. The parking, however, has not been dealt with yet except for the fact that they took parking privileges away from freshmen.


there is very little diversity at endicott, so that would be something that should be improved on.


Too small, so rumors spread quickly. People tend to know too much of other people's business.


Sometimes there can be cliques that can form, and people who think that they are better then others. For example, the atheltes feel that they are the big people on campus, and that they are better than everyone else.


Lack of financial aid when needed and the lack of parking.


Endicott College has exceeded my expectations of college and has everything I could want in a school but there is always room for improvement. The important part of college, the education aspect, such as, classes, teachers, class size, and work amount is perfect for me in particular. I love the small classes, closeness with teachers, and seem to be learning more than I imagined. The only thing that may be improved upon is the merit grants or scholarship opportunities. I have difficulty attending the school financially and feel, with my grades, Endicott College could have more options avaliable to me.


I would say the unreasonable Resident Assistants and Resident Directors. The judicial department seems to inform these individuals in a position of power to look for students to screw up rather than happen to come across it. The RAs and RDs regularly storm into situations that are under control and calm rather than attacking a bigger problem.


It is becoming increasingly strict for partys and many of the RAs and RDs are unreasonable, close-minded, unpleasent individuals. With a school that is too small this problem is exagerated. Endicott is mostly good kids, the school has become too tight with rules.


The worst thing about my school would probably be that there are a lot more wealthy people on this campus than middle class people. Some of the girls think way more of themselves then anyone else i have ever met. However there are people at this school who are very nice and very open about forming new relationships.


The worst thing about Endicott College is that it is a small school and therefore it is not well-known so it somewhat lacks the potential to grow in diversity, although HUGE efforts are being made by administration to expand the diversity on campus; however, the small school feel is one of the things I value most about the atmosphere here!