Endicott College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is very motivated. This school, especially in my major is extremely competitive to get into and requires a very extensive amount of work outside of the classroom. This course load allows time for students to collaborate with others in order to increase their understanding, so one needs to be able to work well with others. Lastly, they also need to be willing to commit to long hours of studying and work to keep up with the difficult course load.


An outgoing, academic oriented, beach loving person should attend this school!


A person who is not afraid to challenge themselves. Our campus offers students many opportunities to lead a successful life. Classes are small allowing for more individual attention. The academics are challenging but if the student is driven to succeed it will prepare them for their career. If a person wants to gain hands on experience within their major, Endicott requires an internships your freshmen, sophomore, and semester long one your senior year. Endicott offers many sports and clubs so a student can explore their interests. If a student is also concerned about making friends they will make lasting ones.


Endicott students are goal oriented and individual thinkers. While they know how to have fun on the weekends, they remain focused on their academics as well. A person attending Endicott should want to become involved in their school through sprots, clubs, and on-campus jobs.


A person who wasnt a fun school that encourages you to do well academically but allows you to have alot of fun on campus. I recommend this school as a fun place for nayone to attend.


Someone who is hard working and open to meeting new people. Someone who likes small classes and nearly knowing everybody on campus


A Motivated individual who takes their studies seriously but wants to make friends and have a good time!


white middle class


Endicott College is a great school to attend if you all ready have some idea of what you are interested in doing. The main attraction is it's beautiful scenary, so if you enjoy being on the beach and being close to Boston, Endicott is perfect for you. If you are interested in meeting a lot of people, this school is not that large but there are many schools in Boston and the surrounding areas that offer available ways to meet people.


Someone who wants to get job experience before graduating college. Great internship program. Social life is a little restrained however as it seems as if the school has unreasonable guidelines on drinking and behavior.