Endicott College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Endicott College?


If you are looking for a school in which there is a lot of diversity, Endicott is not the place to go. Unfortunately, the majority of students here are of the caucasion race and are your typical Ugg and North Face wearing crowd. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good, kind-hearted, well-rounded people here. But, if you do not have the patience to look for them or the desire to go out and do things and try things you wouldn't have done before then Endicott is not the place for you.


I dislike seclusion, but some of the people that should think twice before applying to this school are students that don’t demonstrate effort. One must be ambitiously driven toward their goals to overcome obstacles we will encounter throughout our journeys. The trick is to always get back up when we fall, aiming higher after the drop. Failure is nonexistent, there are only mistakes. Students that aren't able to grasp this mentality and develop their character from within, maybe should stay at home. Giving less than your best means you do not love your gift enough.


The kind of person who should not attend Endicott College is one who is well preserved, or one who does not like the idea of a small school. People here are very outgoing, and everyone knows mostly everyone. There are many activities that everyone participates as a community. People who are shy will have a really hard time making friends here.


I person who does not seem to have an idea of what he or she wants as a future career because it is private school and very focused on specific majors. If someone does not really know a career path and just wants to do liberal studies a cheaper and public school is more sutiable.


This campus is not very diverse, so someone who is looking for a more ethnic experience should not attend Endicott. Also, the classes are challenging at some points and easier at others. A student who is looking for a great challenge should look at other schools. Endicott does not have surveys for upcoming freshman so if a student is looking to be matched by compatability with their roommate, Endicott is not the school for them.


Someone who is interested in large, busy settings should not attend Endicott. There is definetly a social life at the college, but the campus is quite most of the week. The school has a relatively small population and small classes, so if you're someone interested in large lecture halls and a large campus, Endicott college is not for you.


A person who is shy and to themself may have difficulty transitioning into the social aspect of this school. A person who isn't used to New England weather may not enjoy this Northeastern seacoast school.


Those who want a big party school or who don't want to live in a suburban town.


Athletic, Social, Looking for a good time


I have currently been a student at Endicott College for a year and a half and would recommend this college for anyone who has a positive attitude, and strives to achieve excellence. Endicott College requires students to work hard and encourages active participation in the community as well. I would not say that a particular person should not attend this school because anyone who is determined can succeed, but any future applicants should be motivated, dedicated and focused in their future goals.