Endicott College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that its a bit harder to integrate yourself in college life if your not willing to go out and try to interact with people. Also, you need to be open about yourself and let people accept you for who you are because it's not like high school; people want to get to know and accept you for the person you are.


How similar everyone is, there is not much diversity.


Before I came to Endicott College, I wish I had known that to succeed in life, one should treat others how they would like to be treated: with respect and dignity. Futhermore, I wish I had known that to feel fulfilled in college, I must concentrate on my studies and work hard to achieve success in class. Ignorance is not a desirable trait. Knowledge is power. This I wish I had known going into college.


do not open credit cards.


to bring a rain jacket!


Before coming to Endicott I wish I was more informed about the FOOD! The food is not that good here, but the cooks do try sometimes to make it as accomidating as possible. I also wish I knew more about financial aid and the different ways I could help my parents out in terms of payment.


How hard the nursing major was going to be! They definately don't mess around when it comes to taking your major seriously.


I wish I knew a lot of things, mostly the direction the school was headed. They are really trying to keep kids from having a good time at this point its definitly accessive. Also it seems like everyone is an athlete here, I wish I knew so many were going to Endicott to play sports.


I wish that I had known how much different college classes would be from highschool classes. Because they meet less frequently, you miss a lot more if you don't go to class, or miss a class. So you have to work that much harder to make up what you did miss.