Erie Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself to stop procrastinating and figure out where i want to go and what i want to do. If my grades are not where they need to be i need to immediately take steps to improve and stay on track with certain college deadlines. When you graduate the world doesn't stop to crongragulate you and nurse you the rest of the way. It will look you over and abandon you if you dont grow and take care of your responsibilitites.


Transferring from a university in Turkey, attending a college in the United States has allowed me to acclimate to the american culture and studies. Attending school here has helped me further my education and prepare me to complete my bachelors degree. It has been valuable to attend because a degree completed here in the United States is worth more than a degree in my country, Turkey. It will give me many more opportunites to use my degree all over the world. Also, it is preparing me for the "real world" so I can live my dream to become a professional.


Save money and study hard


If I could give myself advice when I was in high school I would first tell myself to go Active duty Army instead of Army National Guard so I would get more school benefits and have more money. Next I would tell myself I have a talent in music and to work as hard at that as I did trying to get to know all the pretty girls in school. I would also tell myself to work on my study skills being that alot of college work is studying and research. Pay attention more in school stay focused on your goals and don't let nothing or no one including yourself take you off that path.


if i could go back to when i was a high school senior knowing what i know now i would give the advice to keep yor mind focused because you will need all of the educational information that is learned to succeed in college. college is not as easy as high school. there are alot of things that need to be stayed on top of in order to succeed in college. for example attendance is a very big part of college, assignments are more complex so it is very important to keep up on EVERYTHING!!!!!


Knowing what I know now about college life, I would remind myself to take everyday one day at a time. My first year of college was extremely difficult. I had expected everything to come easy like it did in high school. I was taken by surprise when teachers did not care if I was attending class, grades were not fluffed by homeworks and participation points and no one took me aside when I needed help. College is a privilege and to be successful, you must work at it. I wish I had known this before. I began to realize that I needed to slow down and focus on small tasks and assignments before I could worry about the big picture (obtaining my degree.) It is no one else's job but mine to excel in my academics. No one else can take my tests or do my homework. The degree will have my name on it and to get to that point, each day must be dedicated to success, hard work and ambition.


I would have been looking for scholarships then instead of getting to college and waiting to apply all allowing bills and things to chase behind me , also knowing lunch was rather vital.


It would be a luxury to go back in time to speak with myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now in regards to college life and transition. I would advise my younger self to prepare for the most exciting, challenging, emotional roller coaster ride of self discovery I will ever embark on. I would caution that college is all about life choices and being young and impressionable will only make the right decisions more difficult to discern from the wrong ones. The key to a successful transition to college is balance. For the first time, you are in control of how you achieve social, educational, and emotional satisfaction. With this new found independence, I would say be honest with yourself about what you truly want to get out of college. As long as you put all of your effort into following your academic passion and all of your heart into establishing positive social relationships with peers from all over the country, you will be rewarded with fulfillment. I would conclude by revealing that no one ever tells you how difficult the journey can really be. Remember to rejoice in the highs and learn from the lows!


About to finish my Associates degre, I have plenty of things to say to myself. I would tell myself to make the most of the last few months of senior year. Don't catch 'senioritis' and act as if this is your big break to relax and be out of school. The reality is: you are an adult now and you have to support yourself in the near future. Well paying jobs require a skill and/or a great deal of intelligence. Sticking to books and continued education will ensure that there will be a well paying job at the end of the road so that you can support yourself and have a life that you choose. Don't believe your friends when they say taking a year off is better for the mind. Sticking with it and continuing to work hard now will ensure a more near end of reaching your goal. When I left high school I had the attitude of giving up, no concern for my future, a vauge idea of what I wanted from life. College has made me realize that my life is up to me, and I 'm determined to succeed.


Well, I personally think that I was prepared well enough. But I honestly I think that there was still a lot that I wasn't ready for. I would defently make sure/ to put an emphasis on time management. Didn't actually realize how to spend my time, as far as on papers and studying. I'd defently make sure that I was able to mange my time for papers and studying a lot more then what I have. I think I'd have to mainly say that, because I'm good with everything else. With being on time for classes, doing and handing in assigenments and not missing any classes. But that's just the one main thing that I wish I would have known and would have liked to do a lot better.


I would say to myself that I need to try as hard as possible because it is so much harder than high school. Also, get involved in the clubs that are on campus because it makes campus life more enjoyable.