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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Sitting at an uncomfortable, hard, conjoined desk awaiting the next assignment is where I could be found. A place that made college an indefinite no and meaningless option. I’d be thinking if college is anything like what these slow, agonizing class sessions are, college just isn’t for me. I cared about my future and often dedicated time to gaze into it as a means of escaping a lock down classroom. If I could go back in time to see the Kayarittis in high school struggling to stay motivated and ready to quit, the blue print I would leave behind for her will be a road map to college. With a little note attached for her only. College is nothing like high school and you belong there, would be my message. She would take a second thought about college and opportunity instead of obstacle. To this day I love college and consider myself an advocate for higher education. The experience offered cannot be obtained elsewhere or through high school alone. Kayarittis would pick up the note, take it home and repeat its words every day until she believed them.


I would advice myself to quickly get a job anywhere, start saving up for materials, for future projects and for a independent way of travel. I would warn myself to be patient the first 2 years of college, taking the bus everyday will not be fun at all, to be careful when I'd have to carry 2-3 bags of materials for class (some very delicate drawings and sculptures), also waiting at the worst 2 hours for the buss to leave for it to take another 2 hours to get home, when by car it just takes 30 minutes. I would congradulate myself for being very focused on classes and having perfect grades, and will become a parallel parking EXPERT. I would say that it will be the best college I could had ever chosen, I will be close friends with professors and students and I will enjoy the beautiful campus sunrises and sunsets at El Morro. I would try to warn myself that my parents will never fully apreciate my commitment to this college; (they think is a silly daycare center) but to carry on with my dreams and my future in the Industrial Desing Industry.