Eureka College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing that I would have to brag about this most about Eureka is the fact that you know almost everyone here. The campus is small and it is easy to navigate. The classes are small which makes for a better learning enviroment. The techers can be very helpful when they are needed.


The small class size is great because you can get personal help and attention. The professors here are very helpful and amazing teachers


Its a good school! Friendly atmosphere, small classes, laid-back campus, and has a good proximity to larger towns within driving distance not far from the school. The professors are very interactive with the students challenging them to learn in interesting ways. The town is a safe and quiet atmosphere that creates a peace among the student body that is relaxing and less anxious. The school also provides different programs to help students excel. It is a great school for about anyone!


friendliness of students, staff, and faculty, small class sizes, and personal attention from professors

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