Evangel University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are very outgoing and spirit-filled. They make me want to chase after God, and also encourage me to join into the life of a student all the more.


My classmates are very friendly, open, and willing to help in all situations.


My classmates are excited to learn and eagered to learn more.


My classmates at Evangel University, and myself, are simply children of God seeking to fulfill the calling God He has on each of our lives and are aspiring to be the servants of God we have been called to be in our area of study; Evangel University students are preparing to change the world and let Christ's light shine.


My classmates are goal-oriented people who want to succeed. They like to have fun, but know there boundries between social life and educational life.


Many are intelegent and very caring but on the same note everyone is very human in nature.


My classmates are nice and intelligent mate and we all act as one big family.


The students are eager to learn, participate, ask questions, create discussions, and work hard in order to gain an education that is going to last them a lifetime.


My Evangel classmates are very accepting and helpful in any situation.


the students at evangel are (for the most part) warm and enviting.


My classmates are for the most part, ready to learn and wanting to improve their own walk with the Lord and their goals, and academic acheivement. They are funny, smart, creative, teachable, and respectful.


My classmates love God and are wanting to do his will in life.


Everyone here is very nice and will go out of there way to help you with whatever you need.


Students at Evangel University are not your typical self-absorbed American, but rather people willing to put aside their agenda to help a fellow classmate in need.


My classmates are, for the most part, very hard working, responsible, and eager to learn about their major.


My classmates at Evangel University are very hard working and intelligent.


The classmates at Evangel University are caring, loving, studious, discplined christians, eager to learn about there career and the plan that God has for them.


Students that are passionate about what career they want to pursue and compassionate towards others while working to better society.


The vast majority of them are geeks.


They were smart, friendly, compassionate people who desired to see those around them succeed and were willing to step outside of their own needs and concerns to help those around them, both personally and scholastically.


My classmates are all non-tradional, meaning we are all older returning students after breaks from 2-20 years.


My classmates are dedicated, passionate, hard-working, fun-loving, and awesome people to be around in and out of class.


My classmates are goal-oriented--focused on the fact that one day they will be able to make an impact in the lives of others--and are people oriented, focused on making strong relationships that may last a lifetime.


My classmates are very friendly and encouraging.


Very friendly, lots of them have to work really hard, and a few of them don't care.


My classmates are brilliant, hardworking, caring, and are some of my best friends.


My classmates, while varying in interests, are for the most part easy to connect with and pretty fun to work with - although you will always have your snobby and/or just plain weird exceptions, which can be expected at any school.