Evangel University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I believue there best know about is telling people about God and living the life style. Also helping out whenever it is need it.


Most peope know Evangel to be a religious liberal arts school. However, everyone on campus knows that Evangel is known for its wonderful Psychology program and Education program.


Being a Christian school.


Being owned, operated, and run by the Assemblies of God.


Its Christian influence on the students.


Evangel University is best known for its spiritual environment. This is such a godly school, and it allows the students to really grow themselves in a spiritual sense. It is also very good at integrating our faith and our studies.


The best thing my school is known for their strong intergration of faith. this is a school that is an open gospel college that is passionate about making the students prepared for the world in any profession God has called one to do.


Evangel Univesity is a unique Christian University that offers one of the best academic programs out there . The immaculatly kept campus is socially inviting; Individuals from all different backgrounds and experiences come together to form positive and strong relationships. Evangel is best known for its uplifting atmosphere and community support through campus programs and overseas missions. They also assist students in learning how to apply faith to study and in future careers.


My school is best known for being in the city of Springfield, Missouri. Springfield is know as the Assemblies of God capital, and because Evangel is close to the headquarters we're known to be the best Assemblies of God university.


As a liberal arts college, music is Evangel's forte. On the other hand, Evangel's Christian status gives it biblical credibility. While it succeeds in both departments, the pure nature of this Christian university makes Evangel renown for biblical studies.


Evangel University is the national liberal arts college of the Assemblies of God church denomination. Because of this foundation, Evangel offers not only a strong academic atmosphere for its students, but a strong foundation for building and growing students' faith as well. What Evangel is best known for is summed up no better than its motto: Boldy Christian, Unquestionably Academic. Evangel's strong emphasis on academics is matched only by its outstading faith promise to its students. The inseperable integration of faith and learning is what makes Evangel great.


Evangel is the most widely known Assemblies of God college in the midwest. It is known for having rules against alcohol and drug use, but for those who agree with the university standards these are not hard to abide by. The school is known for believeing any profession can be done to the glory of God, and all of it's curriculum is based around this truth. It is a Christian collge, but there the Activities Board is very good at providing good entertainment even without alcohol.


Evangel University is an Assemblies of God Christian University, and it is most known for preparing students for life as far as an education and a career and for building faith while in school.


My school is best known for giving it's student a quality liberal arts education with a strong christian foundation, nurturing spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social life. We have a wide variety of programs, and one of the most notable qualities is that there is a wide variety of over 100 different majors to choose from.


Evangel University is best known for its Christian environment. It provides an environment that promotes spiritual, academic, and social growth. Evangel is also known for the small class size and friendly professors.


When asked what Evangel is known for, the answer is based on our willing spirit to go out and serve in our vocations. From the very start of our first day of classes to after we graduate, the Professors are supporting, praying, and believing that we can impact the people around us. Our 100 plus programs offer many opportunities to prepare us for our future. With the knowledge and experience we grasp from these opportunities our students feel confident for the road ahead of them. Life is not always easy, but at Evangel the "I can" attitude is greatly perceived.


My school, Evangel University, is best known for its intracultural studies and musical majors. Evangel is aslo know for its lower student to teacher ratio that allows the professors to be more interactive with individual students. The most important thing that Evangel likes to be recognized for is the beilief that God has a special calling for each individual and Evangel hopes to helps individuals in their steps toward God's calling on the students life.


Evangel is best known for its emphasis on students discovering their "calling." Evangel staff and faculty believe that every student possesses unique strengths and is "called" to use those abilities in whatever area of academic study and work they pursue. To begin each student's journey of self-awareness, every student takes an assessment their freshmen year to discover their top strengths. Students are then presented with numerous academic and extracurricular opportunities to develop a deep and practical understanding of their strengths. Evangel excels in helping students discover areas in which the student is passionate, gifted, and "called" to serve.


Being a good Christian arts/professions college


The great quality of educations it gives.


It is best known for having a wonderful chapel on the eastside of campus and for having a wonderful beautiful campus. It is also known for having a wonderful Bible the theology department.


A caring environment.