Evangel University Top Questions

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1) Smaller class sizes which provides for more personal interaction with porfessors. 2) Quality professors who are genuinely interested in your success as a person and who will do whatever they can to help you achieve your goals. 3) Opportunities to make life-long friends, whether in your dorm, your class, your department--sometimes you may have to look harder than others, but there are definitely quality students you could get connected with.


In my school, we are very big on christian views. We believe that every person belongs and should be attending, even though some do not feel they belong. Evangel is a christian school, with christian morals and very strict anti-alchohol policies.


Evangel is unique is because it is a private, liberal arts university based around integrating one's vocation with one's faith. The dynamic of a faith focused community creates a positive and friendly atmosphere that lends itself easily to making close, lifetime friends.


Evangel University provides a diverse community and strong Christian foundation. The campus has around 2,000 students so there is a great teacher student ratio. Everytime I have needed to contact a teacher by email, they reply within the next business day tops some even within the first ten minutes of when I sent the email. When I attend chapel, there is a strong faith that is evident within each service.


Evangel fits me perfectly. There are standards at this school, but the administration is not over-bearing about them. Evangel provides a unique blend of Christian atmosphere, rich social life, and emphasis on academics. I can be my own person at this school while working to better my future. There are plenty of ways to get involved on campus, and at the same time there are plenty of places to get away from everything and study when I need to. The smaller atmosphere of the college means teachers can focus on what theri students need. It's perfect for me.


What is unique about Evangel University compared to other schools is it smaller. It has a little over 2,000 students. It is an Assemblies of God based school. So we incorporate faith and education. The professors pray for us before class as well. It is a liberal arts school. We think it is important that everyone knows their calling in life. Does not have to be ministry that is why we offer other majors like anyother school.


After considering two other schools back home in Indiana, I found Evangel University. It has resonance, and joyful spirits fill the campus each day ready to learn, have fun, and get a degree. This university was brought to my attention because some of my family attend the university. When I visited the campus, my heart felt like it skipped a beat because i felt so alive. I knew right then and there that this university was the one for me because no other school could relate to me with such strong spirituallity.


Of all the elements that make Evangel unique when compared to other colleges, its faculty is easily exceeds all I have experienced. Unlike most colleges found around the United States, Evangel’s faculty do not approach their classes as a chore or nuisance, but as an opportunity to further educate the future minds of American society. Each professor at Evangel makes themselves available outside of class through emails and even personal meetings. Evangel’s faculty possesses pure passion in what they do and it truly shows in and outside the classroom.


There's alot of helpful professers and advisers ready and willing to help.


Christian values are emphasised along with the academic knowledge. Professors are really friendly, and there are many resources available to help make the experience easier.


Evangel University is a wholesome environment that challenges each student to be the best they can be. The small class room size provides an interactive environment allows better opportunities to succeed in that particulat field of study. I have been to a large state school and the environment wasn't as welcoming as the environment at Evangel. This is an atomoshphere where one is always greeted with a smile and needs quickly attended too. I truly believe that Evangel is a great place to open the mind to one's spiritual and educational life.


My school is much smaller than most schools I considered which gives a much smaller class size which I love as well as being a religious school which attracts a different type of student than a state school.


Evangel University is strongly concerned about allowing students explore their beliefs and views while learning in a structure academic environment. Because it is affiliated with a particular Christian denomination, certain values are emphasized, however other values are not degraded in any way. I was attracted to the wholesome atmosphere of the campus and impressed that academic excellence was not sacrificed to maintain the high moral standards of the university.


This school has strong beliefs and helps us stand by them.


The uniques thing about Evangel is that this university was founded and still is today on Christian principles.