Evangel University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I talk to friends about my school I brag about my professors that care about my academics as well as my life.


I tell my friends about how loving the professors are to their students and how thy truly cae about each student.


I brag about how caring the faculty and staff are! My professors are very fun and easy to work with. If I have to miss a class or need an extension on an assignment, the professors are usually flexible and very reasonable. If a student needs advice or just someone to pray for him/her, the professors at Evangel are always more than happy to help. The campus at Evangel always has a very happy and welcoming atmosphere that I really appreciate.


I tell my friends about the evironment. Everyone here makes you feel valued. It is like a home away from home. The girls in my hall are like my family. We are always there for eacher other in any way needed.


The professors and friends I have at school. They are the type of people that you will have a solid relationship for the rest of your life no matter where you go after school.


What I talk about most when speaking well of my school is the quality of the professors. The teachers at my school really take time to invest in the students. My advisor is really amazing. I have also had her as a teacher in class. The faculty at my school just wants to see the students succeed in their future and get them on the path to do such.


I can't say I have gone one week without acknowledging the professors at my school. They are sincere, passionate, knowledgable and most importantly challenging towards encouraging students to be all they can be.


I love the people on campus and I love my classes. I am so excited for this upcoming semester. I cannot wait to see what my classes have in store for me. The people on campus are friendly. There's never a moment when I feel out of place. I have created wonderful friendships with people who I can trust and rely on as well as have a great time with.


I love the loving enviorment at school. Everyone is very nice. They smile and wave at you when you walk by. Relationships are strong amongst those at the campus.


I like to brag about the art program. I am an art major and I find the art professors to be really talented in what they do. All of them are artists themeselves in some capacity, so they legitimately have the experience to know about what they are teaching. Also, they are very helpful even for things happening outside of the artistice realm. Because the art professors are genuinly fantastic at what they do, my time as an art student is much more exciting and efficient.


The way being surrounded by people who encourage me (and whom I may encourage) makes me feel.


When talking to my friends about my school I brag about how much each professor actually cares about each individual student. I also love telling my friends about the family like community that I feel from the Evangel students and faculty.


I love the atmosphere of this school. Everyone here is friendly and welcoming. there is always help being given and lots of new friendships to be made. The teachers truly care about each student and the students, for the most part, genuinely want to learn. You will form lifelong friendship will being here as well as learn how to integrate your faith with your career. There is a perfect mix of practical application and larning in the classroom.


The professors are very intelligent but they are also very personable. I am a pre-med student and I absolutely love all of my professors. I can talk with them about numerous issues and they are so helpful!


I brag most about the great student-teacher ratio (17-1) which allows for a lot of one on one time with professors. Within your first semester you will know your professors so well they become your second family. They truly care how well you do and want you to succeed. The small-school environment allows you to build lasting friendships among the student population (1200) that carry on even after college.


The people!! The friendliness of the campus distinguishes Evangel from any other. It is relational to the core. You build life long friendships; you are always around encouraging people, challenging you to be the person God has called you to be! It is a small enough campus that you know most everyone. You look forward to every part of your day, classes, lunch, dinner, in between classes, etc. because you know you're going to run into amazing people! Not only are the students friendly but the professors, faculty and staff also contribute to the amazing atmosphere on campus.


My job in the writing center


The friendly atmosphere, the types of people that attend Evangel, its high accreditation, and the variety of opportunities that are available to students.


We have a beautiful campus, everyone is super friendly, the classes are small, and the professors actually care about you. The quality of education is amazing here. The professors really know their stuff and are excellent teachers. Getting help from them outside of class is really common. They are there for the students, whatever they need.


I brag a lot about being able to be an artist and study art in a Christian environment and have professors that genuinly care about my well being and success as an artist.


All the wonderful friends i have made.