Evangel University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the cost of tuition and room/board. Many students are unable to make the payments or receive the loans needed to continue attending it.


Strict rules prevent students from staying out late, living off campus, ect.


To be completely honest, I absolutely love my school and all it offers. The worst thing about Evangel University is the reputation that some people think we have. Our school is a private Assemblies of God University. Some say that we aren't as spiritual compared to other Assembly of God schools like North Central and Central Bible College. They only say that because we are a liberal arts university. We at Evangel University realize that there are more callings in life than ministry. God has a unique calling for all individuals. That is the worst thing about Evangel University.


the worst thing about my school is the view diversity. there is not that many of different racial backgrounds. Being from a minority, I would love to see that more in my university to feel more comfortable.


the worst thing about my university used to be the cafeteria; however, there was a massive rennovation and a new Cafeteria manager was hired this semester and has drastically changed the environment, quality, and overall presentation of the cafeteria and made it infinitely better and need I say, good!


I wish that we had more options for off campus housing. Currently, almost all students are required to live on campus.


The general feel of a high school atmosphere. I came to college to not only attain higher education, but to leave a part of my life in the capacity of lack of realistic attitudes in the people surrounding myself.


There isn't enough parking spots for the Professional Studies students to park at night.


The worst thing that I can say about my school that it lacks diversity. We need more diversity in our school and that will have to start with advertising Evangel in states that are mor cultural and have more ethnicities.


I am in a Professional Adult Studies Program that I really love. What I don't like about it is that there are no in house scholarships available for this program. I will receive a BS in Communications in May of 2013, these are accelerated block classes ( I do like that about it), but I have a 3.6 GPA and cannot get a scholarship from my school. There are scholarships available for traditional students, however.


I can whole-heartedly say that there is nothing I see in the school that would make me dislike it. The leadership and teachers are great! The only thing I can think of that can be a downfall is that the bookstore isn't well organized and is a bit confusing when trying to purchase books. I would say to just be prepared to look for a book for a while until you find it.


College is supposed to be a time that a person finds themselves and who they are. This school has so many rules and security that it sets students back in a way from finding a lot about themselves.


I can't think of a single thing. I love my school!!


I consider the price of tuition here at Evangel Univeristy the worst thing about attending here. It is a private Christian college so it is very pricey to attend. The nursing program is outstanding so I know in the end attending this University will pay off! I just need help getting the funding to pay for my education.


Personally, the worst thing about my school is that it is so far away from home and I'm far away from the closest family. I am all alone here, and I live in New Jersey, so the distance is probably the hardest thing to deal with in going to school out of state.


I would have to say the limited amount of work study jobs that are available on campus. There simply is not enough for everyone and it is frustrating. I receive works study every semester from the government, but there are no jobs left when I look on my school's website to apply for one. I do receive a lot of finacial aid, but not getting work study makes it more difficult on me. The Financial Aid team is wonderful and are so helpful. They really do care about the students and work very hard to keep them here.


I believe the worst thing about my school is how expensive it is. Not everyone can afford to go Evangel without having to take a loan out, or getting a scholarship, and grant. Most students that go to Evangel are on some sort of financial aid. The way things are going right now in our economy, definetly makes it much harder for anyone to go to school and expect them to pay the money back after they are done. I believe that my school should lower the cost for tuition, so more students could afford to come here.


It is just so far away from my home! Evangel is a great school with an amazing education, but it is not close to home.


I don't personally believe this to be the worst thing about my school because I think that it is very important for a Christian schools to have high standards but I know that many students become frustrated with the strict dress code and no dancing policy. I think that the no dancing policy is being changed right now, but I think that those areas are the things people mostly dislike about our school.


The worst thing about my school would be the lack of financial aid. When I applied, I was under the impression that there was a wide variety of financial aid available and there would be a guarantee that the majority of my tuition would be covered. It turns out that the amount they promised was widely exaggerated when compared to how much aid I was actually able to receive.


I consider the cost of tuition to be the worst thing about my school because it cost $22,000 a year. They do not offer many financial aid options for students who are not pastor kids or missionary kids. I am neither of those, so I have to come up with the full $22,000 dollars, unlike most of the other students.


Evangel is a small university and has small classes. Although that is usually considered positive, it can also be very challenging. A student cannot disappear in a classroom or lecture hall and everyone knows him/her on campus. Evangel is like a small town where everybody knows everybody whether you like it or not. So, if you don't want to be encouraged to participate, interact, and get to know people and professors, Evangel would not be the place for you.


The expenses and the financial aid program. I kind of wish it would be stronger and be more flexible to be able to accomodate the students. For example, my school is affiliated with the Assemblies of God and the Assemblies of God holds a national youth competition called Fine Arts. Evangel is really picky on giving out a scholarships based off of your performance in Fine Arts. You have to enter into a certain category to be eligible for it. It's not fair in my eyes.


The worst thing about Evangel University is that there seems to be nothing wrong with the school. This can be good or bad, but for me this is very good.


Evangel University is a great school and I have nothing to say about it that would be a worst thing. If I had to write something though, it would be arrogance. Some people at our University are very stuck up and unteachable, but this is an aspect of every college. There are always many young arrogant minds that are set completely in their ways.


Honestly I would have to say that the worst thing about my school is the mail. This is just my experiences but I love getting mail but everytime I open my mail box I usually never get any and that really stinks. My parents don't really have the money to keep sending my things.


The worst thing about my college is that they do not serve meals in the cafeteria on Sunday nights. This makes students go out and spend money on dinner instead of being able to use the meal plans that they have paid for by means of loans or scholarships to feed them. The students are forced to go out and spend more money than needed to pay for food because that cafeteria is not open for that evening.


I consider the worst thing to be the tuition. It costs me 23,000 dollars a year to attend this school and it's sad because I am gettind deeper in to debt just to attend a good christian school. Money is hard to come by on my end and so loans are my only option. I need every scholarship that I can get so my parents aren't under strain as well. Other than that I love this school and everything it offers!


The cost. I think it would be easier if I had the money to spend on college, but I don't. I love Evangel, but it is expensive.


It is rather difficult to find financial aid outside of the stafford loans; of course, if you aren't a minority and are middle class, its almost impossible to get any additional aid, especially at a private university.


Honestly I haven't found any thing wrong in my University. Its a very peaceful place full of joy and most of full of the Holy Spirit .


The worst thing about Evangel is that there isn't very good communication between departments and offices. I feel like they are a bit unorganized.


The worst thing about my school is the curfew. I feel that as an adult who has a curfew, I am not being treated as an adult. Although the time for curfew is tolerable, I don't understand the need for it.


I think the worst thing about Evangel Universty is that there is no school spirit.


Students don't take things seriously and I feel like there are some whoe are jaded.


I would consider the worst thing about my school to be the highly conservative views held by the older professors, board members, and even some students. This is not the case with everybody, but there are those select people who are intolerant of change, and close-minded toward people with different views and different backgrounds. Growing up in rural Alaska makes me very different and with some of those said people it has been difficult fitting in and being accepted.