Evangel University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that should attend this school is one that understands that there are certain rules that need to be followed, and there is a strong emphasis on academics and spiritual life. It is all about the community life and friends you will make here. You should attend if you have faith to pay it through, and if you are serious about your education.


Some one who is willling to work hard and learn. As well, someone who is looking for a spiriual faith based education where religion is intertwined with school. As well this person should be able to accept every ype of person and be willing to learn about people who are differnt from him or her.


A person that has a passion in growing in their relationship with Christ and those surrounding them. The classes provide the Christian views and worldviews together. Whatever calling you have on your life, I am sure Evangel has that calling. You want to get closer to Christ? Evangel is there to help. Not only will the school help with your walk with God, your peers are there too. We are like one big family.


A person that TRULY loves Jesus Christ who shines that love in aspect of their being. A person who is not afraid to challenge their faith. A person that realizes that they are not right about everything and understand that true knowledge streams from being humble.


Students who have a desire for learning, community, and personal growth should attend Evangel University.


A person should attend this school if they are looking for a liberal arts institution that has good moral standards and a variety of activities. It is also nice being at a school that has the same religous background as you with similar beliefs.


Those who value the quality of their education, want to be within a positive environment, and are hard-working/ dedicated would definitely fit well at Evangel.


any person who is wanting to grow both mentaly and spiritualy. as a christian university, evangel prepares its graduates to be successful in all aspects of life including spirituality.


A person who is driven and enjoys small classroom settings. People who enjoy a more personal relationship with their professors and who want to develop their spirituality to compliment the educational aspect is very likely to enjoy Evangel University.


Someone who is a firm Christian. Someone who values their faith and wants to grow in their relationship with God among a strong community of faith.


People that really love God and want to become a stronger Christian should come here. The rules are fairly strict by collegiate standards, but students are still able to have fun. So, people that want to become stronger in their walk with Christ and who do not mind rules should come here.


Someone who has a relationship with Jesus Christ, but is willing to grow in their spiritual walk and as a person. Evangel is also about striving to make us well rounded Christians with liberal arts, academics, and sports. Although Evangel is a private school, and is more expensive, it is worth the extra penny. I am getting so much more than just an academic education. I am learning about myself in many ways and I have grown as a Christian and as a young adult and I am more prepared for the career world!


Someone who really wants to build there relationship with God. They should also have a strong desire to learn. This person should be friendly and willing to help others.


A person who is trying to get an education that allows a spiritual perspective. A person who wants to grow closer to God.


People who believe in Jesus Christ and strive to combine their love for God with school and other students.


A person should be willing to challenge his or herself academically and spiritually. The professors are always available for help and there are many different resources to be used on campus. A person has a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community. A student looking to attend a smaller, Christian, welcoming campus should choose Evangel University.


Someone whose faith is a large aspect of who they are, but also wants to receive a solid liberal arts education and meet friends and professors that will create lifelong relationships.


Anyone interested in pursuing an education while also promoting their spiritual growth in a Christian environment.


People who possess a sense of excitement and openness will excel at Evangel. Those who are excited to discover their strengths and "calling", and are open to opportunities to delve deeper into these will experience success at Evangel. People who desire to be mentored by excellent professors, to be challenged academically, to build life-long friendships, and to grow in their faith should attend Evangel. People who want to be a part of a close-knit community and have a strong support system of professors, campus staff, and students are the people who should be a part of Evangel.


A dedicated person who is committed to a relationship with Jesus Christ and who has high expectations for their college dormitory, classes, and staff should attend Evangel University. The student does not need to have full confidence in themselves to attend Evangel University because the students at Evangel, that this student will meet, will be kind and caring enough to guide this student through their classes and the beginning of their college life. With God and Evangel, the kind of student that attends Evangel will have a strong confident environment that does not allow judgment and put-downs.


The kind of person that should attend Evangel is one who is serious about growing in their abilities for their carreer as well as their relationship wth God. Evangel is an intimate campus with many advantages to that of a larger university. Students can improve academically as well as spiritually with help from great professors and staff.


A person that is focused in his or academics, and has a strong belief in God.


Any one who would like to see a difference and make a difference in their lifes should definetly go to this institution.


A person to attend this school is someone that wants to get christian based learning and how to put God into everything that you do in life.


People who want to learn


Somebody that appreciates a small school, and that is serious about their education. Also, the vast majority of students who attend EU are christians. People looking to party and drink during college should definately stay away.


Christian students with an open mind about learning more about Christ.