Everest College-Fife Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I like my school cause is near by home. I can easily have time to pick my son to school. Their program fits my schedule from work. I am a full time mom and full time employee, charter college herevin FIfe WA is very helpful for me and my family. The stuff at charter college are so helpful and very patience with my needs. I really admire how much effort their are giving to returning adult like me.


I appreciate the teachers love of the subject and I love all the hands-on work, as that is my best learning style. Both are very cohesive to my learning the art of massage. The school makes sure you have more than enough credit hours to graduate and take the state boards, and the entire staff are bent on our succuess. It's fun, and interesting and I am so glad that I finally chose to pursue my dream.