Everest College-Fort Worth South Top Questions

What should every freshman at Everest College-Fort Worth South know before they start?


I would first help my younger self identify his aptitudes. It took years of trial and error to realize I was the interactive, personable type. I always thought I was the brainiac, introverted programmer-type, but now know this is not me. I would first really get him in touch with the extroverted side of his personality. Secondly, I would convince him he is smart enough to do well in pre-health courses. I already had the necessary persistence at age 18, but I never thought I was as intelligent as my more scientific classmates. I'd convince him otherwise, reminding him that effort has always been his greatest ally. As he navigates through the health sciences, I would offer a realistic breakdown of various health careers. I'd show him what was required to become a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, etc., and plot the best course to getting there. Though this course of study is intense and time-consuming, I'd share with him the following advice. Something I realized once I was accepted to UT Austin. The time will go by, regardless of what you do. So why not spend it doing something worthwhile?