Everest College-Fort Worth Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to study harder and not let minor things get in the way of my education. I'd also tell myself the value of having an education, cause you can't get anywhere without it. I would have stayed in school and got my degree and would be living a good life by now instead of struggling and living paycheck to paycheck. I was not prepared for college life when I got there. I was young. Now I am older and better prepared for the attention I'll have to give and the time I have to study.


I would focus more on getting until college instead of getting married so young.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to actually put effort in my school work don't just slack off because it's senior year. Finish with a big bang because college's don't want a lazy, non-attended student. They want people who actually put effort and wanna succeed in life.


If I had the power to give myself advise as a now college student speaking to my high school half one of the first things I would advise myself on is to let the small stuff go. Never let it hold you back from bigger and better things you wish to achieve. I would also recomend that I should have studied harded to make the grades that could have brought myself to recognition later in life. Also, the harder you work in school that same work ethic will follow you where ever you go in life, whether it be in college, in a career, or in anything else you should put your mind to. I would lastly advise myself to break out of your shell and dont be afraid to try new things, make new friends, or join new clubs. Not only will it be fun for the time your in the club but, your could also make great friends as well as a great achievment to look back on with good thoughts and memories. These are just a few things i would advise myself on if I were to talk to the me from high school.