Everest College Phoenix-Mesa Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The only thing that could be explained as the worst part of Everest College in Mesa, Arizona is the fact that there is no room and board. Some students want to enjoy the full on college expierience including living on campus, but for some people, like me, living off campus can be just as fullfilling. Everest is not for everyone, but for those students who want smaller class sizes, externship oppurtunities, lifetime career placement assistance, quick graduation and don't care much for living life on campus, Everest is the perfect school for them!


As of yet i havent found anything unsatisfactory with my school. I am perfectly happy with my class sizes my schedule and my teachers. If you go into college with a positive attitude about how your experience will be then it will turn out positively. I slacked off during High School and am using college as a redemption stage. Go into it with a strong will and set goals and your bound to succeed.