Everest College Phoenix Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could travel back in time to visit me as a senior grearing up to go to college my first words of advice would be "Stop and take the time to apply for scholorships" never take the first loans givin to you without finding all the info about repayment . Always take the help offered to you from your student services advisor . There here to help you make the best decisions . That's what they are trained to do . The transition from high school to college is learning how to live life as a adult training to go out into the real world.All of the late nights with friends needs to slow down to almost a hault and more nights of studying .You dont want all the money you and the state had put out for the education your recieving to be for nothing. Keep in mind Knowledge is power. I't will be a big transition , but take it slow and listen to all the authorities around you there your team and they have your best interest at heart.


Knowing what I know now, I would go back and tell myself as a high school senior to stay focused in setting out the foundation of your career and personal path by taking initiative to volunteer to better accumulate with professional environments and people that can be a mentor to serving your community and helping others. Giving myself knowledge about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people who take a great deal of pride and appreciation for the work they they do, and the education they've obtained, will ultimately influence a way of leading your own life and the paths to take to achieve the same goals and aspirations in life to better serve you and the people around you.


Look into your career early and see what credits you will need for your degree. Take as many dual enrollment classes in high school toward your degree as you can to get ahead, but don't stress yourself with credits that you won't need. Also, take some summer classes at the local college during high school. They are free while you are in high school !! Read the program packet for your degree to check for shots, physicals, tests, or other required certificates like CPR, etc. that you can go ahead and get. Talk with an advisor at the college to see how long the waiting list to get in the program will be once you have completed all your prerequisites so that all the things you get done ahead will still be allowed. You may be able to start your career a semester or two before all your high school friends do !!


I would tell me to keep up with my academic scores i would tell me to prepare for college alot soon


I would tell myself to stdy hard and follow the instructions that are given. Strive for for what you want. If you try and give it all the effort it deserves , anything is possiable that you put your mind to. Read each question very carefull before you answer and make sure you are answering the question that is given to you.


If I was able to go back to high school with the knowledge I have today I would have learned how to learn better. I would have studied harder and focused more on the studies and not fear. I wouldn't let fellow student humiliate me and I wouldn't have tried to blend in so much. With not allowing that to happen I could recieve more opportunities for school, known more, and had a better life for my girls and I.


I would have advised my self to stay in the dorms and not force myself to grow up so fast. I had the opportunity to be supported by my parents and instead I wanted my own home and a job. Enjoy the life that college can provide for you. Your education is important and it needs to be the top priority.You need to apply yourself more because there isnt as much one on one with University professors. I would also suggest that instead of going to a University that most students transition to a community college to get used to the differences from High School to College.


If I could go back in time and change something that I did then. In high school I did not like to study, or do my home word, and help with others when needed. If I could change that I would help in work and study. I think that I would have learned more then what I did and finshed school and not had to go back and finshed. Now going in to college and not knowing as much as I did then. So there is lots and lots of things that I would change. But I to not have a lot of time to do it in I know that I would hae studed more then what I did.


As a student I always had a difficult time understanding school and studying. I never thought I would go to college. I would tell myself that I can do anything I set my mind too. To pay more attention to my studies, buckle down and try to stay focused. I would also tell myself to take classes that I am now having to take unaided by having taken them in high school. But most importantly I wouldnt let anyone tell me now as they did then, that I wasnt smart enough and would never make it in college.


I'd tell myself as a senior in high school, go ahead and apply to several colleges thus pursue a career, not quit at all. Instead I chose a life course I didn't like at all. Now I look back, I'd give myself sound advice and not quit at all costs. When I had the chance change that course in life and I have that chance again, I'm pursuing it with all my heart and desire. A fire to study and pursue that dream of graduating college with a degree and anew with a career in a law field, a lawyer or a paralegal. I hope through this scholarship I can pursue that dream of mine an be the best lawyer I can be and it means long hours of studying to accomplish this goal I have set before me. Step by step with your help this dream can become a reality for me. For that I extend my hand to yours in gratitude and thank you very much for your support in this dream of mine, a life altering dream.


Do the best I can in school and don't wait so long to go to college.