Everest University-Brandon Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Everest University is best known for helping their students get jobs while in school and they have a tremendously high graduation rate for their students as well.


Everest University is the best school from my experience. Everest cares about their student education. Compared to HCC that I attended back in 1984, Everest staff is very helping in any classes as well as your personal life outside of school. This is the first school that i attended that the instructor calls you when you’re absent to assure that you’re ok or if they can assist you in any way in the future to prevent any more absent .


I attend Everest University which is formerly known as Florida Metropolitan University. I can honestly say that I don't know the exact things they are well known for but I personally know them through my two year experience with them. My student advisors, financial reps, and everyone else that I have spoken to on a regular basis regarding my schooling with them have been nothing but encourgement . The people that represent this school have given me guidance and helped me out tremendously. They're always on top of things and for that I commend them. Thank you Everest University.